Coloring the leather sofa is worth the cost of a professional execution

Although home-use kits and tools are available for leather dyeing, care should be taken when using them. A good leather sofa usually costs a four-digit Euro amount and can be corrupted by improper coloring or even damaged in the substance. The costs should be considered as an investment.

cost factors

There is no universal key to what the cost for a professional dyeing of a leather sofa can and should be. They are composed of several factors:

  • transport
  • Leather
  • leather processing
  • pre-cleaning
  • of dye
  • Number of operations
  • Impregnating and / or sealing

As a rule of thumb, the original price of the leather sofa can be assumed. The color change should be estimated at about twenty percent of the new value and be added per year of life three to five percent. For example, a 10-year-old leather sofa for dyeing costs between fifty and seventy percent of new value.

Check alternatives

If a leather sofa is faded, even a professional cleaning can provide the desired effect of refreshing the paint. For the lamination of individual dirt edges or stains, there are repair techniques that already achieve good results. The decision depends strongly on the personal aesthetic feeling.

Dyeing tends to be desirable only if a different color is desired or the overall condition of the leather surface is optically severely limited, for example, by unilateral bleaching. Suitable impregnants support the maintenance of the new color.

vendor selection

Furniture stores and hypermarkets sometimes offer relatively cheap color changes. Smaller companies with a technical background are preferable. Sattlers, tanners and furriers have extensive knowledge of raw materials and materials. Mostly you have a very broad repertoire of possible staining methods and colorants.

If necessary, the return transport from the sofa owner must be organized and paid extra. Small local general cargo carriers transport a sofa within a city for lump sums of twenty to forty euros. The next craft business can also be found on the Internet on the portals of craft chambers and professional associations.

Tips & Tricks

If you have a very high quality leather sofa that you want to color, you can also find in the range of antique furniture dealers, furniture auction houses and restaurants.

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