The leaf trap is an important accessory for the gutter

For each roof area sufficient drainage is required, which complies with the regulations. In addition to the gutter and the rest of accessories and a leaf trap sieve is essential. It prevents blockages caused by leaves, branches or other dirt.

Each leaf gutter fits a leaf trap

The most important thing about a roof drainage system is the gutter. In addition to this, brackets, connecting pieces, drop roots and drain sockets are available. In addition to these elementary components, there are other accessories.

The gutter collects the rainwater that runs off the roof surface. Through an inlet pipe, it continues into the downpipe and from there into the sewage system or into a rainwater tank.

An important accessory is a leaf trap, which is installed above the downpipe or into the pipe. Through this sieve leaves, bird droppings and broken branches are collected and a blockage of the rain pipe is prevented.

Important features of a leaf trap screen

  • retrofit retrospectively
  • corrosion-resistant
  • easy to assemble
  • removable

The designs

Leaf sieves are available in different materials. Particularly suitable is the stainless steel or galvanized stainless steel. Both are robust and weather-resistant and reasonably priced.

Suppliers and prices

  • offers galvanized leaf trap screens.
  • also has galvanized sieves in its range.
  • sells a leaf catcher made of titanium zinc, which is installed in a rain flap and removable.

A leaf trap, galvanized, DN 80 and DN 100, is already available from 1.75 euros, in size DN 150 for 2.50 euros, in DN 150, the price is 6.87 euros, the rain flap with built-in leaf trap costs good 26, - Euro.

Tips & Tricks

Who wants to use the running rainwater for the flowering of flowers and beds in the garden n, is best advised with a complete rain flap with built-in leaf trap. This is an extremely practical solution.

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