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  • LED stands for "light-emitting diode" and denotes a special type of lamp. These are harmless to health and have meanwhile become established on the market, as they have, inter alia, a long service life and do not get hot.
  • In the past, LED lighting was said to have cool, unpleasant light. Today, there are LED lights in many different colors, for example, in a warm, yellowish white.
  • LED lights are relatively expensive to buy, but this pays off, because the lamps are particularly energy-efficient and thus not only the purse, but also protect the environment.

LED lamps comparison 2018: light

According to McKinsey & Company LED lights save 23 million tonnes of CO2 a year in the European Union, By comparison, to produce that amount of CO2, you'd have to drive around the globe around four million times.

LED lamps comparison 2018: comparison

The light bulb has served its purpose.

Long ago, LED lamps have also sold energy-saving lamps out of the limelight. These contain mercury and are therefore difficult to dispose of as well as hazardous to health if the upper limit is not met.

Lamps with LEDs against it are harmless, light up immediately and live long, Meanwhile, there are the lights for all standard versions so that they can be used in many ways. You should not only bet on cheap LED bulbs, as they lose their brilliance very quickly.

Which LED lamp type is the right one for you and what to look for when buying a LED lamp, you will find out in our small purchase advice. Use the categories to find your personal LED lamp test winner for the appropriate application. Furthermore, we explain in our LED Lamp Comparison 2018, how they are constructed.

1. Benefits and operation of a LED lamp

1.1. Advantages and disadvantages of LED lights

The LEDs are among the smallest sources of light and are versatile because they bring a valuable feature: They transform the applied current into a lot of light and little heat, That's why they are not getting as warm as classic light bulbs.

LED lamps comparison 2018: comparison

An LED light strip is very popular as decoration in bars.

Furthermore, you benefit that, depending on the choice of the semiconductor, the diode emits a different color of light. Thus, the LED bulbs can be used for a variety of purposes, such. with laser pointers, signal lamps, light barriers or in flashlights.

But for all applications, the LED light is not created. Since she does not get hot, she is z. B. not suitable as a light in traffic lightsbecause the snow would stick. Furthermore, the light cone is not so large and the light output would not be sufficient for road traffic.

This is also noticeable when illuminating rooms: You need many more LEDs than z. B. with light bulbs, since the scattering of light is less.

Which Advantages and disadvantages LED spotlight compared to classic bulbs have a look here at a glance:

  • Save energy and are therefore good for the environment and your wallet
  • long life (up to 100,000 hours)
  • no great heat
  • produced without harmful substances
  • Lamp is immediately bright
  • High acquisition costs
  • Luminous efficiency decreases in cheap models after a few months

1.2. How LED lamps work

LEDs are small chips made of special semiconductor compounds, When current is applied, the electrons flow through the semiconductors and this starts to shine - they emit light.

Therefore, the name comes: LED stands for in English light-emitting diode.

If you want to understand the principle of an LED in more detail, we recommend the following video. Here is explained very clearly how LEDs are constructed and how they spread their light:

2. LED lamp types

There are LED lamps two different ways: The LEDs, which require a voltage of 230 volts, call themselves High-voltage LEDs, Lamps that need only 12 volts, however, are considered Low-voltage lamps designated.

LED lamps comparison 2018: 2018

For example, the type you need for your floor lamp depends on the base of your lamp. Depending on whether there is a screw thread or a jack, you should choose the appropriate LED. For jacks, you should pay attention to the distance of the plug, with pin base lamps you must keep an eye on the diameter of the reflector.

The following list shows the most common types of LED lights:

High-voltage LED lamp
  • E27 LEDwith screw thread (as with light bulbs)
  • E14 LEDwith candle holder (as with small bulbs)
  • G9 LED: with jack; 9 mm distance of the pins
  • GU10 LED: with jack; 10 mm distance between the pins
Low-voltage LED lamp
  • G4 LED: with jack; 4 mm distance of the pins
  • GU5.3 LED: with jack; 5.3 mm distance of the pins
  • MR11 LED: Pin base lamp; 35 mm diameter of the reflector
  • MR16 LED: 50 mm diameter of the reflector

LED lamps comparison 2018: lamps

3. Purchase criteria for LED lamps

3.1. Brightness, beam angle and light temperature


In general, the brightness of a lamp depends on the power consumption: If a lamp can be particularly bright, it also requires more power.

LED lamps comparison 2018: lamps

For LEDs, the Brightness actually stated in the unit lumens (lm), But since consumers are used to dealing with watts from the light bulb age, this information is often given by the manufacturers and brands as a guide.

Here is a basic rule, if you can not imagine anything under the lumen specification:Power consumption of the LED lamp in watts x 100 = recommended luminous flux in lumens.


From incandescent lamps we are used to spreading their light almost in all directions. In contrast, LED spots spread in a smaller, directed beam of light, This is measured in angular degrees. Most LED lights have an angle between 25° and 120°.

In this case appliesThe higher the beam angle, the larger the area that is illuminated.

These beam angles of LED lights are recommended for the following surfaces:

  • Width of 2 m - 3 m: 60°
  • Width of 5 m: 90°
  • Width of 8 m: 120°

LED lamps comparison 2018: 2018

LEDs are also used in desk lamps.

This information is based on a room height of 2.5 m. If you have a higher ceiling, you should choose larger angles.

If you would like to use an LED lamp to illuminate a certain object, we recommend to use types with a small angle in our LED lamp comparison. Its cone of light can then be focused on the object.

light temperature

For a long time, cool, bright or even bluish light was ascribed to the best LED bulbs. That has changed. Today there are white LEDs, where you can choose between three different tones:Warm white, neutral white or cold white, Often, the selection of settings on the packaging of the lamp is already indicated.

If you want to be sure of the light color of an Osram or Phillips LED, you should take a closer look at the Kelvin specifications. These indicate the color temperature. As LED lamp tests show, the information means:

  • over 5,300 Kcold white light, e.g. daylight
  • 3,300 to 5,300 K: neutral white light, e.g. Tungsten
  • up to 3,300 K: warm white light, e.g. candlelight

3.2. Lifetime and power consumption

bulb ban

Since 1 September 2009 no more incandescent lamps may be sold in Germany and the European Union. This measure has been taken to reduce electricity consumption in the EU and thus to counteract climate change.

How long B. an E14 LED lamp persists, is indicated on the package in hours. in principle LEDs last much longer than halogen or energy-saving lamps, While normal 12V LED lamps usually last over 15,000 hours, energy-saving lamps only provide up to 10,000 and normal halogen lamps only up to 1,000 hours. Power E27 LED lights can glow bright for up to 50,000 hours.

3.3. dimming

Would you like to change the dimmable bulb of your room lamp? Then make sure that you buy a suitable Osram LED lamp, for example. Because not every LED lamp is dimmable by nature.

4. Questions and answers about LED lamps

4.1. What does Stiftung Warentest say about this topic?

LED lamps comparison 2018: comparison

Stiftung Warentest has tested 92 lamps in their laboratories so far. Among them are also 15 very bright LED lamps with screw threads. The Araxa models by Bioledex and the LED (filament) by Lightme have distinguished themselves as particularly energy-efficient luminaires.

In its LED lamp test, the testing institute comes to the following conclusion: "Modern LED lamps are the measure of all things, they cost a little more than halogen lamps the investment is worthwhile - especially with often and long switched on light sources. The most important plus point of the LED: with little power they generate relatively much brightness. "

4.2. How to install an LED bulb?

When installing the saving bulbs is in principle no difference to ordinary energy-saving bulbs or bulbs. When buying from Phillips LED lamps or Osram LED lamps, for example, you should pay attention to the matching version, just like with other lamps. When changing the bulb you should first remove the fuse and only then make the exchange.

4.3. Are there waterproof LED lamps?

LED lamps comparison 2018: 2018

LEDs can also illuminate the water.

Since the field of application of LEDs has grown strongly and has also shifted to the outside, waterproof specimens have been developed. Especially outdoors it is important that the LEDs are waterproof to withstand rain, snow and hail. But also lights, which are to illuminate the water in a pool, for example, have to defy the water.

4.4. Since when are LEDS available on the market?

The research in our LED luminaire comparison has shown: LEDs have been around since Year 2007 in trade to buy - at this time, however, only for the E27 and E14 sockets. At that time, the E27 and E14 LED lamps still did not enjoy a good reputation, as they corresponded to about a 30 watt incandescent lamp and thus did not shine very brightly.

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