Paint LED - is that possible?

Sometimes you are not happy with the color of an LED. The lamp is therefore no longer to use, and to buy a new one in turn costs. Whether you can paint an LED or otherwise recolour, you will find out in our article.

LED color with edding

If LEDs are too bright white, this is not always desirable. This can sometimes be disturbing, especially in the field of model construction but also with electronic devices.

As a rule, you can use (original) Edding pens to color the glass surface of LEDs. Not all pens stop there from the beginning - in this case, it is worthwhile to dab the surface on which you want to apply first with a little alcohol or spirit.

Experience has shown that Edding 3000 in the color orange is the best way to quickly and easily "suppress" glaring LEDs. Other pens may be able to hold and have a similar effect, but due to the different inks used, this is not guaranteed everywhere.

Damage to the LED

Basically, even with prolonged operation no serious damage to the LEDs should occur if you "recoloured" them with Edding 3000. However, a small reduction in the life of the LED can not be completely ruled out.

light output

When repainting LEDs with other colors, it can happen that a lot of light is "swallowed". The problem arises especially when Umfärbeversuchen of blue LEDs, which often radiate very undesirable bright.

The problem lies in the fact that LED lights emit a very narrow band of light. If unwanted light wavelengths are filtered out by applying paint, in many cases often only very little luminosity remains. This is not desirable in all cases.

Tips & Tricks

Basically, it makes the most sense to change LEDs to the desired color (if not firmly installed, because in this case, considerable effort and often it must be re-soldered). Paint jobs do not really make sense in all color changes. For recessed or recessed lighting, you may be able to use an orange film (available for photographers' flashes) that you simply install between the LED and the cover. Do not stick!

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