Mailbox comparison 2018

Purchase advice for the mailbox comparison or test 2018

  • A mailbox protects your mail from wind, weather and prying eyes. The material plays an important role in the necessary robustness as well as for the installation.
  • Various types of mailboxes can be distinguished: among the most important are the stand letterbox, the wall mailbox and the built-in mailbox.
  • The mailbox is not least the decoration of the house, the design of the mailbox therefore also plays an important role.

Mailbox comparison 2018: steel

Apparently they are inconspicuous and yet you should pay a lot of attention if you want to buy a mailbox: The material, the design, the capacity and last but not least the design are decisive criteria when buying, Finally, the mailbox should fit visually to the house and ideally underline the overall impression positively.

In addition, the purchase of a mailbox is usually a long-term issue - a robust, weather-resistant material and a secure lock are therefore additional points that you should pay attention to when buying. And finally, the design plays a role - and a particularly important one. This is mainly about the question where you install the mailbox and in this point, the different models available on the market clearly differ from each other.

Here you will find out which mailboxes are on the market, what you should consider when buying your house letter boxhow the material matters, how mailboxes have been cut off in mailbox tests, and what features your mailbox should have to best meet your needs. With our mailbox comparison 2018 you will find the best letterbox in different categories and from different manufacturers for your home.

1. Our buying advice: These mailbox types are available

A mailbox is a purchase for a long time that you do not have daily on the agenda. Accordingly, it should be planned carefully. So not all letterbox types are suitable for every house. It is not just a matter of distinguishing whether it is a single or multiple dwelling - The question of which structural changes are possible also play a role.

In addition, the various models differ in terms of letter insertion and removal. The design is also important: whether you want a letterbox in white, a retro style or a letterbox in anthracite - that too is a matter of material and construction type. Here you will find an overview of all mailboxes available on the market:


stand mailboxes

Mailbox comparison 2018: 2018

For example, by Burg Wächter, CMD or Dema
  • Stand letterboxes are suitable for single as well as multi-family houses. Your big advantage: For the installation no major structural changes are necessarybecause, as the name implies, it is a freestanding mailbox.
  • Stand letterboxes are bolted or embedded in concrete for a firm stand on the ground. Where the mailbox is, therefore, in principle, freely selectable. So it can be attached to a multi-party house both outside and in the hallway. It is also possible to attach it in front of the garden gate in a single-family home - this also makes it easier for the postman to work.
  • The post is thrown in front of this letterbox variant and taken from the front again. Freestanding mailboxes made of stainless steel also have a particularly high quality.

Simple mailboxes

Mailbox comparison 2018: steel

For example, from Brabantia or CMD
  • The simple letterbox models are usually wall-mounted on the facade of the house and are popular in single-family homes.
  • They do not require a complicated installation and can be removed comparatively easily when needed. The letter insert and the removal take place here as in the case letter box from the front.

house mailboxes

Mailbox comparison 2018: 2018

For example by CMD, Burg Wächter, TecTake
  • Even in-house mailboxes are on the market for both single-family homes and multi-family dwellings. They differ from the stand letter boxes in particular in that they are installed in the facade or house wall.
  • Thus, the mail is thrown from the outside and can be removed from the inside. House mailboxes are common in multi-family houses and are also often installed in the family home.

fence post boxes

Mailbox comparison 2018: comparison

For example, from Burg Wächter, Renz, Banjado
  • As the name implies, fence letter boxes are attached to the fence of the house, usually the one-family house. The postman therefore always has access to the post box.
  • Again, the post is thrown in front and removed from behind. A typical example of the Zaunbriefkasten is the American variant.

Mailboxes with newspaper compartment

Mailbox comparison 2018: comparison

For example from Brabantia, Burg Wächter, TecTake
  • A mailbox with a newspaper compartment combines a standard, house or fence letterbox with a separate newspaper reel in which the (daily) newspaper can be accommodated. So this is not crumpled, as it may be the case depending on the size of the mailbox in conventional models, and can be removed undamaged.
  • Even magazines, litter mail or large envelopes are gently stored in the newspaper compartment.

Stelae and Tower

Mailbox comparison 2018: 2018

For example, by Ritto or Siedle
  • Mailbox steles and towers are already among the luxury variants. They are often equipped with a door intercom or even a fingerprint door opener.
  • Many models can also be equipped with a laser inscription on the front instead of a classic blade shield - this provides a design letterbox in addition to a noble touch.

2. Small material science: You should pay attention to this

A mailbox ideally holds for many years. Special attention should therefore be paid to the material. It should not only be durable, but also rustproof and easy to care for. However, the mailbox also depends on the design being liked. Therefore, different materials can be considered.

2.1. Mailboxes made of stainless steel

High-quality mailboxes, which can pass as test winner, usually consist of stainless steel. Stainless steel is very resistant to weather conditions, relatively easy and easy to care for. In addition, a mailbox made of stainless steel looks chic and high quality - even if it is a relatively cheap mailbox.

Stainless steel models are available in a wide variety of designs: stainless steel letterboxes are just as common as home and simple letterboxes. Even designer letterboxes, such as those of the manufacturer Mantiburi, are usually made of stainless steel.

2.2. Mailboxes made of steel

DIN EN 13724 - the mailbox standard
The right size is not just a matter of mailing. The EU standard DIN EN 13724 regulates the regulations to the size of the mailbox. For example, it includes rules on the size of the opening, the space available in the mailbox and the resistance to corrosion, water penetration and burglar resistance. These are the main points of the standard:
  • Insertion size: 325 to 400 mm for transverse insertion, 230 to 280 mm for longitudinal insertion, insertion height 30 to 35 mm.
  • The Einwurffach must accommodate a so-called Prüfumschlag of about 2.4 cm thickness in DIN A4 format, without having to be kinked or folded.
  • The mailbox needs to be big enough to accept A4 envelopes without sticking out.
  • The mailbox must have a safety catch, which differs depending on the size of the box in terms of minimum size and tilt angle.

The cheaper variant of stainless steel is steel. Although you can get cheaper letter boxes from this material, steel has two major disadvantages: It is less scratch resistant than stainless steel and can rust quickly in damaged areas. Thus, steel letter boxes are particularly suitable as a letterbox system in the hallway of the apartment building. However, here they can be an interesting low-priced alternative to the stainless steel models, especially since they are available in numerous designs.

2.3. Plastic mailboxes

Plastic has become increasingly popular in recent years. Plastic mailboxes have the advantage of being particularly lightweight and thus easy to attach to the facade or the wall in the hallway. They are also resistant to the weather and score points with a long service life.

Also, the mailbox made of plastic is available in a variety of variants. For example, fence boxes are often made of plastic and in creative designs.

2.4. Post boxes made of wood

Wood is mainly used in design and retro letterboxes, Thus, with the natural material certain looks can be realized, such as in country house style or in vintage design. Although wood is durable and robust, weather influences are clearly visible after some time - which, however, gives the wood a possibly desired patina and can thus be part of the design concept.

However, wood letter boxes should be better protected from the weather. In addition, it is advisable to provide them with a water-repellent finish, so that the post is not softened. A manufacturer of high-quality, robust mailboxes with wooden fronts and a stainless steel body is Keilbach.

  • weatherproof
  • easy to clean
  • high quality optics
  • stainless
  • durable
  • more expensive than steel or plastic models
  • must not be cleaned mechanically (risk of scratches)
  • if damaged, the material may discolour

Danger:There is no legal obligation to attach a mailbox, also the location is not mandatory. Nevertheless, homeowners should exercise caution: In a multi-family house, a (norm-compliant) mailbox can be sued, in a single-family house the owner is liable if the postman gets injured on the way to the mailbox, for example because the traffic routes are not secured. Remedy can create here in the dark season, for example, a garden lamp with motion detector.

3. The correct size of the mailbox

Lots or lots of mail, large or small mailings: All this has to fit in the mailbox and so the right size is another criterion that you should be aware of before buying. However, the legislature has something to say about it.

Tip: Interestingly, the EU standard DIN EN 13724 is especially for owners of apartment buildings, because tenants can court judgments require a standard-compliant mailbox. But standard-compliant mailboxes are also important for a single-family home - after all, you do not want to accept wet mail or even want to register unauthorized access.

3.1. Postal volume and size

Mailbox comparison 2018: mailbox

Here is what fits: The size of the mailbox should be selected depending on the mail volume and the emptying interval as mailbox tests prove.

Although the DIN standard regulates the minimum size of the insertion slot, but it depends on the letterbox purchase on your individual circumstances.

This includes the postal service: Do you receive only a little post and most in the form of standard letters a letter box of about 33 cm flap width is sufficientas they are in the mailboxes of Burg Wächter.

However, a high volume of mail or a rarer emptying may require a larger mailbox. There are so-called XXL models, which have a wider letter slot and a larger volume. The manufacturer Dema offers such as a stand letterbox. As a general rule, you should ask yourself the following questions before buying your mailbox:

  • How often is the box emptied?
  • Do you often receive parcels and other large mail?
  • How much space is available for the mailbox?

4. Certainly included: key, lock and co

Tip:Mailboxes are divided into two security levels: Level 1 allows the material to be deformed at a load of 150 Newtons or around 15 Kilograms. Security boxes 2 can be charged up to 220 newtons without deforming.

Mailbox comparison 2018: mailbox

Protected Post Office: By public lock and mailboxes in the apartment building must be secured.

A mailbox should protect your post safely from wind and weather, but also against unauthorized access. This is ensured on the one hand by the material, which should be burglar-proof and also protect against prying eyes and on the other hand the mailbox lock.

With such a must all mailboxes that are installed or installed outdoors, be equipped. Only mailboxes that have the mail removal inside the family home, do not necessarily need a lock. Last, but not least, a well-visible name tag must not be missed - this also makes the postman's work easier.

If the lock is damaged, if there is too much play or if the key has been lost, an exchange of the lock is also an option. Mailbox locks are already available for little money and meet high demands even at a low price. The manufacturer Burg Wächter, for example, also has secure locks in its portfolio, which generally match standard mailboxes.

Tip: If you lose your mailbox key, the closure number will help. These can be found in the documentation for your mailbox. You can use the number to order a spare key from the locksmith, even if you no longer have the original key.

5. Mailboxes in comparison: the best mailboxes

The best letterbox does not exist - although the models differ in terms of their quality and robustness, but it is always important to note where the mailbox is set up, ie, whether he must withstand the weather or is protected, and what claims to the castle are to be made.

Test institutes like Stiftung Warentest have not yet published an official mailbox test. Mailbox comparisons are therefore mainly in a class, such as standing letterboxes or mailbox steles.

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