Label mailbox - clean and legible

Illegible smeared lettering on mailboxes can lead to problems with delivery of important mail. If possible, all family members should be clearly marked with first and last name on the mailbox. But most boxes only have a small window for a name.

Name and given name?

In a multiple dwelling, it may be important, especially with a common name, to fully write out the first name in order to differentiate yourself from the other Meyers, Müllers and Schmidts. The biggest problem is the small space that exists in the standardized post boxes for name badges. Even a long last name can hardly be advertised here.

Design of the name tag:

  • no flourish
  • do not label by hand
  • no flowers or ornaments
  • white background
  • black clear font
  • clean typeface
  • laminated, engraved or label printer
  • water resistant

Patchwork family

If not all family members have the same surname, then in fact all the names on the mailbox should be written out in full. So you can make sure that everyone in the patchwork family gets their mail as well.

Creativity not desired

It may be nice to have a pottery sign hanging on your house with the names of the family members. But most of the names are difficult to read and small embellishments make recognition even more difficult.

Tips & Tricks

Engraved metal tags are also available to order via the internet. The prices are barely higher than with a laminated name tag. But these signs actually hold for eternity and never smear.

These signs are also available in magnetic design. So you do not scratch the new mailbox in a multi-family house. Especially if you do not intend to live there forever, this magnetic sign is very practical.

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