Paint letterbox - individual mailbox

Mailboxes tend to look particularly boring. In addition, there are hardly any differences in the decor and the colors are rather average. Pink or purple is almost never found in mailboxes. As individual as all of us, our mailbox can look as well. It only needs to be painted carefully to your liking.

Painting the mailbox

A mailbox can be painted with a paint spray or with a brush. However, it is difficult in roundish forms, spray paint spray so that it does not run. Lighter is usually a brush or a paint roller, which are wetted only with little color.

Paint the mailbox step by step

  • Paint - different colors
  • dilution
  • Clearcoat / sealer
  • template
  • Brush / paint roller
  • sandpaper
  • paint tray
  • cotton cloth

1. Preliminary work

If the mailbox is not made of untreated wood by chance, it must first be sanded. It is enough to roughen the surface slightly with a fine emery cloth.

2. Priming and painting

Before you decorate the mailbox with a decoration, you should first prime it white. The colors you paint over later will be much more brilliant if you have a good smooth primer underneath.

Then the main color comes on the mailbox. In any case, think about adequate drying times in between.

3. Apply contours

If patterns or flowers are to be painted on the mailbox, the contours should first be transferred from a template to the box. Only then fill in the areas with the corresponding colors.

In order to prevent the individual colors from running into each other, you should allow the mailbox to dry in between.

4. Seal

After a sufficient drying time, seal the mailbox with a clear coat to protect it from the weather.

Tips & Tricks

Print out the outlines of the flowers or objects that you want to immortalize on the mailbox first. Hands-free paintings should be left to the expert, a layman rarely succeeds at first. After all, you'll have to look at your work later every day when you pick up the mail.

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