Reshaping the mailbox - some ideas

If you want to redesign your boring mailbox, you can draw almost entirely from it. As long as the box from the deliverer is still recognizable as a mailbox, actually everything can be done with it, what pleases you. Even an old computer case can be redecorated to a mailbox. Here are some ideas to beautify the mailbox.

flower meadow

Blümchen on the mailbox are already almost everyday. Instead, let a whole meadow grow on the mailbox. To do this, glue artificial plastic turf to the surfaces and beautify them with small plastic flowers.

decorative film

With a simple deco film, the ugly old mailbox can turn into a model made of wood or marble. Even the pictures of the children can be immortalized on the mailbox. These must then be sealed only with epoxy resin or a clear synthetic resin.


Any decor that is on a napkin can be transferred to the mailbox. All you need is some transfer varnish and the top layer of the napkin. Then, of course, the artwork has to be sealed with clear lacquer.


Discarded items that at first glance have nothing to do with a mailbox can also be redesigned quite easily. Even wooden boxes with lids can serve as a mailbox. Stick or nail some roofing felt on top to weatherproof the wood, or even use corrugated board for the roof.

Design mailbox

  • Painting or gluing
  • Add decorative parts or glue on
  • Reshape items to the mailbox

Tips & Tricks

Think around the corner and look around the attic. Maybe there is still an old mini oven. You can also convert it to a letterbox just like a computer case or an old milk can.

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