Secure mailbox - Lock out long fingers

Unfortunately, it happens more often that mail is stolen from the mailbox. In multi-family houses, it's actually even the dear neighbors who simply grab in foreign mailboxes. For detached houses, it is the hope of a valuable catch, the thieves cherish. How the mailbox can be secured, we show here.

Monitor and secure

Of course it is difficult to monitor a mailbox around the clock. Nevertheless, a small WLAN camera can at least show whether the suspicion applies at all that mail is taken from unauthorized persons. Then, however, a fuse should be installed that makes it difficult for the thieves to steal the mail.

Retrofit removal safety device

There are so-called removal safeguards that can be retrofitted into a mailbox. There, the thief then sticks his fingers, or he does not even get far enough to get to the post office.

However, these fuses do not fit in every mailbox and they also significantly reduce the volume of the box.

Rent a box office

It may be annoying to drive to the post office first to pick up your own post. But the safest variant against long fingers is a mailbox. This is mostly even free to rent. Only the institution of the subject costs money.

In addition, the deadline must be respected, because those who spend more time abroad, may have to pay a storage fee or regularly send someone with the key to the post office box.

Remedy against postal thieves:

  • new secure mailbox
  • Install removal guard
  • rent a mailbox
  • Landlord to point out his duties

Tips & Tricks

Mailboxes are often set up in apartment buildings. Here, the landlord must ensure a secure mailbox. So contact him if more mail disappears. He must then retrofit backups, otherwise you may be able to cut the rent. Inquire about the amount of the reduction and how to proceed with the Tenant Protection Association or a lawyer.

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