Build a mailbox yourself - very easy!

A cheap purchased mailbox is usually very small, a large box is often expensive. But to build a mailbox itself is not that difficult and the size is freely selectable. Design and equipment of the mailbox are entirely up to your taste. Here you will find the instructions to build a mailbox yourself.

Waterproof mailbox

For the do-it-yourselfer wood is usually the first choice and also we want to build the mailbox out of wood. However, if you want to build a wooden mailbox yourself, it should be waterproofed. Therefore, the cover plate must be placed diagonally so that the rainwater can drain.

Then either a plastic coating should be applied or you nail up roofing felt. Then it can look very nice if the mailbox is built the same as a house with a pitched roof. Although it is a little harder to forge the plates, the result will be nice and durable.

Build a mailbox yourself step by step

  • wood panels
  • Screws stainless steel
  • bitumen board
  • Plastic coating
  • Survival bar stainless
  • small padlock brass
  • Hinge stainless 2 pieces
  • Jigsaw / Japan saw
  • ruler
  • corner
  • pencil
  • sandpaper
  • Screwdriver / cordless screwdriver
  • small wood drill

1. Record the items

All items must have space on your wooden boards. If you want to build a simple pent roof, it should be at least two inches larger on each side than the base of the mailbox. This protects the box better from water.

2. sawing and grinding

Now saw out the individual parts and mark the insertion slot. It is best placed directly below the top as a recess. If the broad slot is sawed into the plate, the narrow strip that remains above could easily break out.

All edges should be slightly deburred with sandpaper so that no splinters protrude here. So the assembly is easier.

3. Assembly

First screw the side panels to the bottom plate. Then screw on the hinges on the top plate. Then the hinges come to the box and on the other side of the Überwurfriegel is attached to the lid. In the wall of the box here comes only the eyelet for the Überwurfriegel, so that the box is closed.

4. Painting and sealing

If you do not want to have any roofing felt or the like on the mailbox, you should protect it against the weather with a waterproof wood preservative paint, for example a boat varnish. You can beautify the side panels and the floor with paint according to your taste.

Tips & Tricks

It does not have to be the Empire State Building, but a building shape makes it ideal as a mailbox. Even if the mailbox has to be quite large, this form still fits. Some painted windows, a door and maybe small flower boxes complete the picture perfectly.

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