Lettuce: Plant and harvest salad

Salad in own garden

Anyone who creates his own vegetable garden to always have fresh vegetables in the house should definitely plant salad in the spring. The vegetables have always been said to have hidden powers, among other things, it should be a suitable remedy for nervousness, insomnia and convulsions. The Romans already saw it that way, in which the lettuce additionally enjoyed a reputation as an aphrodisiac.

head of lettuce

Lettuce was often found in monastic gardens in the Middle Ages, the clergy appreciated its soothing effect and the spicy taste of the outer, darker leaves. The history of the popular food goes even further back: The Persians already built the salad around 600 BC. To Chr.

The popularity has not diminished since: In 2010, every German ate an average of 2.7 kilos of it.

Plant salad and harvest

Young salad should be protected from snails.

young salad

Salad is relatively sensitive to other vegetables in your own garden, both when growing and during storage. To enjoy the self-grown, fresh salad to the fullest, must be considered a lot. Above all, he needs light to germinate. Therefore, its seeds may only be covered with a very thin layer of soil when sowing. To keep away snails or aphids, some chervil can be sown between the rows of lettuce. Incidentally, this is also suitable for adding the right spice to a milder saladsauce.

Lettuce is a very "veträgliches" vegetables, so it can be planted next to many other varieties: Onions, asparagus, rhubarb, kohlrabi, cucumbers or strawberries - the salad is compatible with a variety of garden neighbors, except the parsley.

The salad must be watered regularly, especially in the germination period of 10 to 14 days. Between the individual plants a distance of 20 to 30 cm should be kept. The sowing is best done between the months of March and July. The practical thing about planting a salad: It can always be sown in the same soil and therefore always planted in the same place in your own garden.

How long to wait until the harvest depends on the temperature. At the earliest after 60 days, the salad can be harvested. For beginners in the vegetable garden, the more robust lettuce varieties are suitable Brown defiant, Roxy, Maiwunder, Hofmann's Aurora and attraction.

Store salad

Green salad tastes best with herbal dressing.

salad plate

If you do not want to eat your salad immediately after harvesting, you should not store it in the fridge for more than two days, because at the latest then it loses its taste and healthy ingredients. If you are not sure if you can still eat your salad, you should take a closer look at the cut surface of the stalk: if it has turned dark, the salad should not be eaten any more. If the stalk is still light in color, nothing stands in the way of the enjoyment: for the desired seasoning light dressings with herbs provide. If you like something a bit fancier: in combination with fried bacon or in the form of cream soup, the vegetable garden classic becomes a culinary experience.

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