Lifetime of the coffee machine

A coffee machine costs a lot of money. Since it is expected that he brings a reasonable life with it. But, is this really the truth? How long does a coffee machine last and how can you positively influence the service life?

What is the lifetime of a coffee machine?

Of course there is no official information. However, the Federal Ministry of Finance, which stipulates five years as the depreciation period for a fully automatic coffee machine, offers a guideline. Here, therefore, a useful life of five years is assumed. In individual cases, the experience differs: So one hears from users of coffee machines of all brands, that their machine was already ten years old and still working properly and others have problems after only two years.
You can extend the life of your coffee machine by maintaining it regularly.

The most important care instructions

A coffee machine needs care. This includes daily and weekly cleaning, descaling and greasing. Read below what to do:

The cleaning

A coffee machine is flushed automatically after use or when switching off. The water tank should be emptied daily and filled with fresh water before use. The drip tray should also be rinsed out after each use, as possible, to prevent coffee residues from settling.
Take special care with the milk hose: Rinse it out after each use!
Once a week you should do a manual cleaning:

  • In models where the brew group can be removed, as e.g. For DeLonghi products, remove them manually and rinse well under running warm water.
  • If the brew group is removable, you can use a brush to remove the coffee powder residue in the machine. This prevents them from becoming moldy in the warm, damp interior of your coffee machine.
  • If you can not remove the brew group, you can carry out the cleaning program of the machine. Normally, the coffee machine will tell you when a cleaning is necessary.
  • Remove the drip tray and the water tank and rinse them either by hand or in the dishwasher, if suitable for dishwashing.


A fully automatic coffee machine must be descaled regularly to prevent calcification and congestion. How to do this, we explain in detail in this article: Descale coffee machine.


For the brewing group to work well, it has to be greased from time to time. Only lubricate the rail and the shaft! Read here how and with which you grease your automatic coffee machine: Grease coffee machines.

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