Lifelong parquet floor made of oak wood

The oak, which is very versatile with its different looks, is available in all price ranges and parquet patterns. What all oak species have in common are the good qualities of a parquet floor. Oak is stable, resistant to abrasion and hardly swells in wet or cold weather and does not shrink quickly.

Rustic look cheaper

The pronounced stability and durability makes oak except as a parquet wood also a frequently and gladly used material for supporting beams and wine barrels. Their extremely hard heartwood forms a parquet floor, for which many manufacturers give a lifetime guarantee.

The cheapest oak trees are usually untreated sorts with a variety of Asteinschlüssen and a rustic-looking texture. This pronounced look is appreciated by many parquet floor friends and specifically purchased. For small parquet floors such as mosaic parquet with cube pattern even the pronounced textures are optically not dominant.

Massive parquet floor made of oak is known as an upright slat parquet, also known as industrial parquet, the cheapest. The oak lamellae are obtained from the production of mosaic parquet as wood residues and bring all the characteristics of higher-quality grades.

Old wood is more valuable

An oak parquet floor costs between just over ten euros to over one hundred euros per square meter. Decisive for the price is the place of origin of the oak wood from the trunk. The average height of oak trees growing in the forest association is just under forty meters. On trunks of ten to fifteen meters, the tree forms knot-free and finely drawn heartwood, which is considered the noblest oak.

The age of the tree or wood is another criterion for the beauty and expressiveness of an oak parquet floor. In some cases, oaks up to several hundred years old are felled, in particular, as veneer logs - in the jargon "harvested" - and many cubic meters of the best heartwood section are priced at more than ten thousand euros per square meter.

Drying and processing

Parquet flooring made of solid oak as well as multi-layered parquets with a top layer of oak are available in all price ranges and different looks. Decisive for the quality is the professional drying over years and the good processing with prefinished parquet or multilayer construction.

Tips & Tricks

The slightest weak point in an oak parquet floor is the wood itself. Too soft backing layers, insufficient gluing or sapwood residues for cheap goods from Asia are the risks in terms of durability and durability.

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