The life of the pile sinks through use

A ram well is the "simplest" type of well. The tube, which has been rammed into the ground, reaches the maximum depth of seven meters and taps the ground-level groundwater, just like a functionally identical hammerhead.

The lifetime of the well depends on two crucial factors. Depending on the cleanliness of the water-bearing layer, more or less sand and mud are flushed through the filters. Since ground-level groundwater usually flooded with a high number of dirt particles, partly also of plant nature, the filters of the ramming well increase relatively quickly.

The second essential aspect is the flow rate. The higher the water removal, the faster the dirt particles are washed in. Intermediate cleaning of the well pipe can only prolong the clogging and extend the service life at a reduced production rate. On average, a well stops for five years before it runs dry.

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