Living with wood

Living with wood: wood

Create something individual Piece of lifestyle Realize and prove your own skill - that is in the nature of man. With everything we have made, we also combine a lot of beautiful memories, even if only the blue thumbnail!

Wood with its inimitably comfortable appearance is particularly suitable for creative design, As the oldest building material of man, it unites numerous properties like no other material:

  • Wood is easy to work on
  • Wood has a light weight and high strength and elasticity
  • Wood keeps cold and heat well
  • Wood protects against noise

Every DIY enthusiast should definitely familiarize himself with the natural characteristics of the wood, so that it does not come to unpleasant surprises when the lovingly crafted piece suddenly tears, bulges, breaks. Or if it is attacked by wood-destroying fungi or insects. Or if it quickly loses "color" because of a wrongly chosen coating.

Tip: Gluing of wood joints

The gluing can only be good if the individual interlocking wood parts are in registration. Badly fitting joints promote the ingress of moisture.

The consequences:Divergence or decay of the parts. Make pressure when glueing: rather a screw clamp too much than too little. And with a book to complain the best glue can not last.

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