Life jacket comparison 2018

Kaufberatung zum Schwimmweste Vergleich or Test 2018

  • The term "life jacket" is commonly used as a synonym for both swimming (learning) aids and lifejackets. However, these are fundamentally different tools. While the lifejacket is supposed to facilitate only swimming, lifejackets in accidents in the water have the goal of life and limb until further rescue measures.
  • The type of vest you need depends on important factors such as features, body weight, body size and the location or area of ​​use.
  • In addition to the life jacket for adults there are in the field of swimming aids different vests especially for babies, children and even for dogs.

Life jacket comparison 2018: life

Swimming lessons are usually an integral part of their childhood for many people. After all, it is extremely important for each of us to be able to bring ourselves back to the safe shore when swimming in an emergency. But even good swimmers can e.g. in water sports without safety measures in danger. According to DLRG statistics, there were around 490 deaths from drowning in Germany in 2015. Very rarely did these tragic accidents happen on the high seas, but mainly in rivers, streams, lakes or ponds. This proves that caution is better than forbearance in all waters. In our lifejacket comparison 2018 we have compared different brands and types of life jackets for men and women and tell you in the context of our buying guide how to find the best life jacket for you.

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1. Life jackets are important helpers in the water

Test mark for lifejackets

Life jacket comparison 2018: jacket

Lifejackets must be certified according to the European standard DIN EN ISO 12402 1-10, which specifies the technical requirements for buoyancy of lifesaving and lifejackets. This is measured in Newton and always refers to 70 kg body weight. Swimming aids should have at least 50 NThis means: A person of about 70 kg has a buoyancy of 50 Newton with such a life jacket. When buying, pay attention to the CE logo and the specification of this standard.

A lifejacket is a wearable vest that is usually preventative when staying in waters such as water. used in water sports and should give the wearer in the water buoyancy. To distinguish them from lifejackets, although the terms are often used interchangeably. Life jackets are aids to facilitate swimming when falling into the water. Life jackets, on the other hand, are usually used in acute danger situations and offer protection against drowning - even if the wearer is powerless. They are relatively bulky and restrict the movement. The primary goal when wearing a lifejacket is to keep your head above the surface, preventing water from entering the airway. In our comparison of lifejackets, we focus primarily on swimming aids and swimming aids.

Early precursors of both species already existed in the Middle Ages. At that time, instead of the materials used today cork or air-filled hoses made of animal skins were used. A real lifejacket that is very similar to today's was designed in the mid-19th century by an inspector of the British Lifeboat Association. The cork-processed, inflatable vest was as many years as the lifebuoy standard accessories in the sea.

2. These categories of lifejackets exist

In order to better classify and narrow down which type of lifejacket is suitable for you, we would like to introduce you below to the different types and their features and functions:


Life jacket comparison 2018: comparison

As swimming aids lifejackets for adults are called, the one Buoyancy of at least 50 Newton to have. Rarely, these lifejackets are inflatable, but are usually made of a solid such as PVC or PE. They are often used in water sports such as sailing or whitewater paddling, as a life jacket would restrict the movement too much here.

makes swimming easier

donates heat

not faint-hearted

not suitable for children under 30 kg

does not protect against drowning

Swimming learning aid

Life jacket comparison 2018: life

A life jacket for children can also be used as a swimming aid. The vest makes it easier to swim through light buoyancy and is less bulky than, for example, water wings.

facilitates the learning of swimming techniques

donates heat

not faint-hearted

does not protect against drowning

life jacket

Life jacket comparison 2018: comparison

A lifejacket is clearly distinguishable from the top two types. It is usually an automatic inflating life jacket with a buoyancy of at least 100 Newton, A lifejacket should be able to turn the carrier on its back independently and keep its head above the water. Swimming is limited by the vest and hardly possible.

is usually automatically inflated when in contact with water

protects against drowning

unconscious persons

protects against cooling

not suitable for swimming

very bulky

3. Advantages of swimming aids for humans and animals

Although swimming aids do not serve lifesaving, they still provide an important level of safety. Especially for inexperienced swimmers it supports and facilitates independent swimming. This can be crucial in unforeseen situations.

3.1. Swimming coach for children

Life jacket comparison 2018: water

More than just a life-saver or boat accessory: Lifejackets are also excellent training tools for swimming-learning.

Especially small children often need support when moving around in the water and swimming. However, classic aids such as water wings, swimming tires and Co. can hinder the little ones quickly instead of helping them. They are bulky, can push or scrub and hinder the taking of the correct swimming posture, as they often have too much buoyancy. The drive prevents the children from learning the necessary swimming techniques on their own.

A life jacket for children offers decisive advantages here. It is mostly made of neoprene, which is very light and comfortable to wear and additionally provides warmth. Many models even allow the removal and addition of a variable number of buoyant bodies. Thus, the vest can be adapted to the respective learning progress of the child while swimming. In order to keep the child clearly visible at all times, the back of the life jacket usually has a bright signal color. This also increases safety, as the children can be quickly and easily located in the water.

Danger: Swimming aids are not suitable for boat trips or deep waters, as they do not protect against drowning. Even if you wear life jackets, you should always supervise your children.

3.2. Swimming aids for adults and water sports

Life jacket comparison 2018: water

Whether regatta vest or kayak vest: a life jacket is always part of the sailing or paddle boat for essential boat needs.

Whether in a kayak or on a surfboard: If you practice a sport that often causes you to fall into the water, we advise you to buy a cheap life jacket - even if you consider yourself a very good swimmer. Water sports are not only for beginners enormously exhausting. The energy you need to pull yourself out after falling into the water is high and often underestimated. Just when you are a bit further away from the beach or from the coast, a life jacket offers a high level of safety, as it supports swimming by providing the necessary lift. In addition, a neoprene life jacket also protects against cooling of the body by wind and water and belongs as an accessory to the standard of any sailing clothing. Reflectors and fluorescent stripes on the vest will also make you look good in the water. So you can get help faster in an emergency.

Sailors on the open sea or athletes in rough waters with high waves should rather resort to a lifejacket, as it must be assumed that they can not make it back to the coast under their own power in case of doubt.

3.3. Life jackets for dogs

Life jacket comparison 2018: water

With dog life jacket in rubber dinghy: The four-legged friends should be equipped in some cases with a life jacket for dogs.

Dogs are usually excellent swimmers. But even for them wearing a dog life jacket in certain situations may be important.

Whether you are on a sailboat with your four-legged friend or swimming on the beach - especially older and weakened animals can quickly overstrain longer periods of swimming in the water. Here, a life jacket offers the dog the necessary buoyancy, so that he can always keep above the water without much effort.

Tip: Pay attention to a life jacket in sufficiently bright colors and with reflectors on the back, so you have your four-legged always have a good view.

4. Questions and answers about lifejackets

4.1. Life jackets in the test of the Stiftung Warentest

Unfortunately, there is still no special life jacket test or lifejacket test of the examining institute. However, in its issue 07/2011, the Stiftung Warentest examined swimwear aids for children, among which was a Grabner lifejacket.

In terms of safety, most swimming aids performed well.

However, some of them were polluted and insufficiently marked with test marks and warnings. So even with the life jacket, whose safety was rated with the score 2.0, but for the area pollutants got a 3.6 and for the missing labeling with warnings a 5.0.

There was no life-vest test winner - in the test had water wings ahead.

4.2. Which famous life vests manufacturers are there?

Life jacket comparison 2018: life

Protection for the little ones: There are also special life jackets for them.

Especially known among sailors is the brand Marinepool. But also Grabner and Secuma life vests enjoy great popularity. In addition, the lifejackets of Konfidence are a popular and safe choice, especially in the field of child lifejackets.

4.3. Are there lifejackets for babies?

Even if they are relatively difficult to find in this country, there are baby life jackets for a weight of 3 to 10 kg.

These are, strictly speaking, not lifejackets, but children's rescue vests. The older and heavier the children are, the greater the selection of suitable life jackets and swimming aids.

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