Elevator defective - reduce rent

The elevator belongs to the apartment as the bathroom. Depending on which floor the apartment is in, the elevator is absolutely essential to reach the apartment at all. Therefore, the rent can be reduced if the elevator fails permanently or more frequently. The courts also see this and speak to the tenants a rent reduction.

Defective elevator impeded

Even for fit people it is from the fourth floor slowly obstructive to reach the apartment without a lift. If you have to carry a stroller or a heavy purchase up the stairs, you often have breathing problems on the first floor.

A broken lift is therefore a real obstacle. A disabled tenant, he even takes every opportunity to leave the apartment or even reach.

Reasons for the rent reduction

A rent reduction is often justified, but it must always be considered exactly the individual case. The courts each decide on a specific case. Criteria for a rent reduction are:

  • floor
  • personal situation
  • children
  • mobility difficulties
  • Landlord does not care

Examples of court decisions

Here are some examples of what the courts have allowed for rent reduction if the lift is broken. If one of two elevators is broken, however, there will be no rent reduction. A certain waiting period is to be expected the tenants in these exceptional cases.

But always remember that these examples have been decided in different jurisdictions and unfortunately are not universally valid.

  • Construction work, therefore elevator failure - tenant 2nd floor - rent reduction 3.0 percent
  • permanently defective elevator - tenant 2nd floor - rent reduction 4.45 percent
  • defective elevator - renter 4th floor - rent reduction 10.0 percent
  • defective elevator - tenant 5th floor - rent reduction 7.5 percent
  • Elevator 16 days broken - tenant 6th floor - rent reduction 15.0 percent
  • Elevator 16 days defective - tenant 10th floor - rent reduction 20.0 percent

Tips & Tricks

If you are not sure how to behave, if the lift is broken, either go to the tenant's association or to a specialist lawyer. Of course, the first contact person is always the landlord. Give him the chance to repair the elevator, but always inform him in writing.

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