Light bulb as a vase - this is how it is done

Old, no longer functioning light bulbs can easily be converted into a pretty flower vase. The simple, simple look goes very well with many minimalist designs. How to make such a vase from an old light bulb, read in this post.

Get light bulbs

In the trade, you do not get any bulbs today. They have been banned from trading in the EU since the end of 2012 because they are very poor in energy efficiency and consume a lot of electricity.

As a rule, one will have to resort to old, discarded light bulbs that are still undamaged, or have to ask in the circle of acquaintances.

Below is a step-by-step guide to building a simple but beautiful flower vase with some design alternatives.

Flower vase from an old light bulb - step by step

  • old lightbulb
  • a nail
  • Needle nose pliers
  • pliers
  • screwdriver
  • fine forceps
  • hammer
  • possibly: yarn, glue stick, ruler, wire hanger

1. Open the bulb

Hold the light bulb and use the side cutter to snap off the silver, slightly raised contact at the bottom of the lamp base. With the screwdriver you can now remove the inside of the socket.

2. Empty the bulb

With the screwdriver and possibly with the help of a small pliers, you can remove filament and the inside of the bulb. The light bulb is now empty and open at the top.

3. Run a vase as a hanging vase

Carefully hammer a small hole with the hammer and nail on two opposite sides of the lampholder. Through this hole you can now simply pull a thread to hang the vase on the wall.

4. (alternative) vase on stand

Bend the wire bracket so that you get a triangular shaped base. The other end of the wire will bend up and form a loop that will bend you around the light bulb. You now have a stand vase.

Tips & Tricks

You do not need to separate the light bulb and socket for this work. If you prefer, use a soldering iron and soften the glue between the base and the glass bulb. Then you can easily separate the socket from the piston without damage.

Video Board: How to Make a Light Bulb Vase