Cut the light bulb - is that possible?

You do not necessarily have to throw away old, no longer functional light bulbs. You can still use them for a lot of crafts. How to cut open a light bulb, or just to open it, read in this post.

Crafts with old light bulbs

You do not need to throw away old, worn-out bulbs. Energy saving lamps are much better suited as bulbs today, but the old incandescent lamp can still be transformed into a whole lot of beautiful ones.

Some examples:

  • Vase of light bulbs (here the instructions)
  • Miniature world in the light bulb (similar to a "bottle ship")
  • plant the light bulb (ideas here)
  • Halved light bulbs as decoration or art object

In order to be able to carry out these handicrafts, the light bulb must first be professionally opened, in the last example also additionally halved. That's a bit tricky in some cases. Light bulbs are usually evacuated or filled with gas to prevent the filament from igniting.

Halving light bulbs

Glass is very delicate, especially if it has the shape of a light bulb. The best method for clean halving is therefore the following method:

Soak a strong twine in combustible material, light, and slowly cut through the glass with the burning thread stretched between the fingers. Due to the heat, the glass melts cleanly at the point where the thread is located.

Other methods such as saws or glass cutters are unsuitable for this, the glass of the light bulb would shatter with certainty.

Opening light bulbs

There is an easy way to open an old incandescent lamp: just use a soldering iron, gas burner or hot-air blower to heat the lower end of the flask.

He is fixed to the screw socket with glue. As soon as the glue has softened, you can pull the glass bulb out of the screw holder in a nondestructive and very simple way. Be careful not to burn yourself.

Tips & Tricks

It is best to halve the screw socket and the bulb separately after opening. The metal of the screw socket can be easily and easily halved with classic tools after removing its interior.

Video Board: EASY How to cut/open a light bulb without breaking it