Lightbulb flickers - what can you do?

If a lamp flickers, you should definitely act. What causes can be found, how to find them, and how you can often help yourself quickly with a few simple steps, you will learn in this article.

Electrical causes

If the lights in the house flicker and go off again and again, you should definitely think of a problem with the electrical system. Such problems can be manifold, in many cases it takes quite a while to figure out the cause.

With such a disturbance picture one should act necessarily, since here in any case a fire danger can be given. In any case, you should also pay attention to whether television or radio have corresponding dropouts at the same time - this can provide an indication of the problem, depending on whether there are dropouts or not.

Possible simple causes

If only the lamps flicker, the following causes are likely:

  • a loose clamp connection
  • the PE zero track of the split
  • loose terminals in the area of ​​the automatic circuit breaker
  • Loose screws on the RST rail

These are very common causes that are also quick to check and fix. In any case, you should consult an electrical specialist for a check (e-check).

Also helpful is the measurement of the so-called loop resistance. This should in any case find out if there is a loose contact anywhere. Since special measuring devices are required for such measurements, the problem should be described very precisely in advance, if possible.

Simple remedial action

If only a single light bulb flickers, you have a few simple options that you can apply:

  • Turn the lamp on and off
  • Turn the lamp out and slowly turn it back in again
  • Check the contacts of the lamp in the socket and if necessary bend it a bit (screwdriver and pliers, it is essential to switch off the fuse for the affected area, so that no electricity can flow!)
  • Replace the bulb and check if both lamps are flickering

Tips & Tricks

Even if you do not mind the flickering of a lamp, you should still act as early as possible. Constant flickering makes lamps wear out very quickly. As a layman, never carry out work or repairs on the power supply, but always instruct a specialist. Electricity can be deadly!

Video Board: How to Fix a Flickering Light