Paint the light bulb - is that possible?

Bulbs have a rather boring color - namely transparent. Whether this can be changed, which bulbs you can paint, and which lacquers are suitable, read this post. Here are some ideas for what you can do with colorful light bulbs.

Paint bulbs

Basically you can paint conventional bulbs. However, this does not mean energy-saving lamps or light sources with LED technology, but actually light bulbs.

incandescent paint

So-called incandescent lamp varnish is heat-resistant and can be used as dip. The light bulb is simply immersed in the paint.

This is possible with bulbs that are not too strong - 60 W power is the upper limit here. In the case of halogen lamps, such lacquers may also not be used for coloring.

Different types of lamps are available for trade. Depending on the manufacturer and the size of the container, such dipping varnishes for incandescent lamps usually cost between around 10 EUR and 25 EUR per 100 ml.

In order for the paint to hold well, the lamp surface must first be degreased. For example, alcohol or nitro dilution is suitable for this. If there are still traces of grease on the top of the lamp, the paint does not hold evenly.

Colored lightbulbs

In general, finished, colored light bulbs will be the better and, above all, the simpler alternative. It is also available today as an energy-saving lamp or as an LED lamp, which means that power consumption and service life are significantly better than with a conventional incandescent lamp. Some LED lamps can also be easily adjusted via a remote control in the appropriate Leuchtfarbe.

Tips & Tricks

If you want to have a really pleasant, natural and warm light with energy-saving lamps and LED lights, you should resort to so-called full-spectrum lamps. In conventional LEDs and energy-saving lamps, the spectrum used is very small, so that the resulting light is always "artificial". Make sure that the full-spectrum lamp but also has a sufficiently high performance: It should be at least 23 watts, otherwise the light does not show up properly.

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