Light bulbs in the trash?

We have been drilled for ages to dispose of every single part of the household in exactly the right way. We bring glass to the Altglascontainer and the paper comes in the blue bin. But a simple light bulb somehow falls through the grid, because after all, it is not only made of glass, but also of metal. Here you will find all the facts about the disposal of light bulbs.

Lightbulb or energy saving bulb?

When a light bulb has exhausted the last light, the question comes, where to put it. For this you first have to look carefully, whether it is actually a light bulb, an energy saving bulb or maybe even a modern LED bulb. They usually recognize the energy saving bulb on the much stronger neck, which is made of a ceramic material. Take special care with these bulbs.

Dispose of energy saving lamp

If the energy saving light no longer emits light, it belongs in the hazardous waste. You must deliver the light to a pollutant mobile or other collection point. If the light is outwardly intact, you can wait until you have some of them together. Most pollutant collection sites accept from private individuals up to five pieces of defective bulbs.

However, should the energy saving light be broken, it may leak out of mercury. You must not inhale the fumes and should put the remains in a freezer bag and close it securely. You then have to take this to the collection point or deliver it to the pollutant mobile. The dates for the Schadstoffmobile you can usually find in the local community.

Light bulb and LED bulbs

The good old light bulb is in terms of disposal, the simplest version of the bulbs. The light bulb can easily into the black trash can. Even the LED light has reached its end in the same ton despite their significantly longer life.

Cheap luminaires often show the first signs of failure after only a few months. However, you do not have to dispose of the LED light if only some of the light emitting diodes do not shine anymore. Simply use the lamp in a lamp that does not require a particularly bright light.

Tips & Tricks

The actual light bulb is a discontinued model in most lamps. But sooner or later that will be the energy-saving bulb. The future is LED lights, which not only last longer, but are also easy to dispose of. You should therefore prefer to buy LED bulbs when buying new bulbs.

Video Board: lad drops light bulb in the trash but it bounces right out and smashes on the floor