Fairy lights and Christmas lights

Decorate safely with Christmas lights

Fairy lights and Christmas lights: lights

Fairy lights and other Christmas lights are an integral part of the Christmas season and reflect contemplatively on Advent. The favorites in addition to simple lamps are luminous figures such as reindeer, Santa Claus and snowman - shaped from fairy lights or a light tube. In addition, there are light nets and light curtains that can be used to transform trees in the garden into glittering sea of ​​light.

So that the Christmas decoration is not a security risk, must be paid to a lot - because Safety first. Test seals on the fairy lights speak for safe lamps. Cheap goods leads quickly to short circuits and room fires. In addition to tips on the legal situation, we also have matching decoration ideas on offer. Thus, the Christmas lights in the domestic four walls can be easily implemented.

We wish have fun with our tips and tricks, Merry Christmas and hopefully safe fairy lights.

Fairy lights and Christmas lights: christmas

safety first

Hardly anyone can escape the lighting zeal of the neighborhood. In the fight for the most beautiful decoration The flashing stars, reindeer, Christmas and snowmen must do a great job. They shine indefatigably and are often used day and night - an enormous burden for the small incandescent lamps.

Fairy lights and Christmas lights: lights

So that the Christmas lighting does not turn into a flame inferno, you should definitely on Test seals such as the triangular VDE mark or the GS mark for tested safety. This gives you the certainty that the purchased light chain has been tested by a neutral body and meets the safety standards.

The one attached to consumer products CE marking is not a hallmark of an independent body. Rather, the manufacturer is obliged to label his products in accordance with legal requirements with "CE".

Unsafe lights

Every year, insecure, unchecked fairy lights make the rounds in the trade. What is initially offered at a low price can, in hindsight, cost the consumer dearly. Defects that cause fires are not uncommon. And it can be life-threatening: Electric shock when touching, overheating and fire are typical side effects, if fairy lights have not been thoroughly tested in advance. Cheap goods often have uninsulated live parts that can be touched with bare hands or leads that are not tight and can be pulled out of sockets and fasteners. All of these are security risks that can be easily prevented.

Our tips for safe fairy lights

  • Use fairy lights suitable for outdoor decoration
  • Do not lay any temporary extension cables
  • Only use external sockets and lines with splash protection
  • Best suited: Residual current circuit breaker (RCD)
  • Do not decorate bulbs with paper or other materials
  • Regular control of the decoration

save energy

In general, the purchase of fairy lights, which are connected directly to the socket (230 Volt), is not recommended. Better are fairy lights with a transformer, which the Voltage to 50 volts or less reduced. Because if it comes to an electric shock, it is so much less dangerous. In terms of power consumption, light strings with light-emitting diodes, so-called LEDs, are also to be preferred. They can save up to 90 percent of the electricity compared to conventional incandescent bulbs.

Fairy lights and Christmas lights: lights

At some house facades, balconies and in many a front garden it flashes, sparkles and shines at Christmas almost like in Las Vegas. Not everyone can be happy about the facade climbing Santa Claus and Christmas flashing light attacks. Whether this is all right, we clarify here.

Freedom of decoration in the rented apartment

Your own four walls Basically anyone can furnish, decorate and decorate as he pleases. Tenants may of course also set up a Christmas tree; Clauses in the lease that prohibit this are inadmissible and therefore void. However, the landlord may require that the tenant provides adequate protection against a room fire.

Christmas lights on the balcony

A tenant may also design a balcony to his liking. So no one can object to a customary Christmas lighting; as long as the decoration is kept in moderation and the neighbors do not bother. So if you install a floodlight system on your balcony that still lets the neighborly bedrooms glow in bright daylight even at midnight, you must expect contradictions. Other tenants do not have to go to sleep and can demand, for example, that the lights be switched off at 10 o'clock.

Advent wreath on the front door

Tenants may also use all common areas in the house - including, for example, the hall and the staircase - for Christmas decoration, even the Federal Court ruled. The prerequisite for this, however, is that the use does not lead to harassment, danger or littering (BGH, Az.: V ZR 46/06). An Advent wreath on the outside of the front door must therefore tolerate any Christmas muffle, especially since this is the opinion of the District Court of Dusseldorf expression of an old tradition (LG Dusseldorf, Az.: 25 T 500/89) and therefore an important part of Christmas. A arrangement with unattended burning candles in the hallway, however, forbids itself.

Decorating ideas

The domestic Christmas decoration has become an indispensable tradition. Compared to the light-studded houses in the US the decoration with us rather discreet appropriate. Of course, you can see one or two glowing reindeer standing in front of houses or in front gardens, as well as the occasional row of fairy lights decorating house entrances - but most of the Christmas lights can be found in the houses. And that's exactly what we want to deliver some ideas for.

Christmas lights in the bedroom

When it gets dark, cold and rainy outside, nice warm light will be especially good. In the bedroom can be provided for a bit of romance. Around the bed attached fairy lights provide on the sunbathing area for indirect light and give the advent season cuddly mood.

Christmas lights in the living room

Also in the living room can playfully decorative highlights set with colored balls in green, silver and gold and illuminated with fairy lights. The Christmas balls can be draped in glass vases or lanterns and decorated with silk flowers. The wrapped chains provide the necessary light.

Christmas lights in the kitchen

Kitchen shelves can easily become part of the winter wonderland. For this you need the following materials and tools: LED string lights, hot glue gun, glass prisms, light blue satin ribbon and scissors. The fairy lights are carefully glued to the bottom edge of the shelf with hot glue. Glass prisms are tied to the chain using the satin ribbon, making them sparkle in the light of the lights.

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