Lightweight wall for outdoor use

Lightweight walls simplify the interior design considerably today. Often it is also asked if these lightweight walls would be suitable for outdoor use. Most lightweight drywall walls can not be used outdoors. But there are solutions for lightweight walls in the outdoor area.

Conventional lightweight panels fail in outdoor use

In the outdoor area, there are also many do-it-yourselfers and homeowners to do. The erection of walls, however, usually requires massive construction or high-priced materials. It would offer lightweight walls due to their ease of use.

However, most lightweight walls are not suitable for outdoor use. But there are lightweight walls that you can also use outdoors. Many lightweight walls consist of the following products or materials:

  • Plasterboard, also suitable for damp rooms
  • Wood or wood composite panels as lightweight construction system

Although these lightweight panels can also be used specifically in wet rooms such as the bathroom. Here we show you what kind of lightweight wall in the bathroom should be considered.

The requirements for a lightweight wall for outdoor use

For outdoor use, these products are still not suitable, because here are the weather influences with high temperature fluctuations such as frost and heat, heavy rain, UV radiation or longer-term water added. This also significantly increases these materials.

However, there has been significant progress in the building materials industry in recent decades. As an impressive example, the flat roof is mentioned, which today can be almost optimally sealed and really holds long term. It is therefore not surprising that retailers now have practical solutions for lightweight walls for outdoor use.

Lightweight walls made of EPS sheets

EPS panels should be a household name to any homeowner who has already considered a thermal insulation composite system (ETICS) for his house or insulated it with the outside. Without wishing to engage in surreptitious advertising, BASF's products have proven their worth under the name "Neopor".

There are corresponding lightweight walls based on EPS panels, which can be easily glued together. The plates are similar to tongue and groove equipped with a rebate and are glued with mounting foam. You can also plaster, tile or otherwise coat these EPS panels as lightweight walls for outdoor use.

Tips & Tricks

You can read more about plaster types that are suitable for indoor or outdoor use, if you want to plaster your EPS lightweight wall.

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