How a parquet floor can be repaired

Even if you are careful with your parquet floor, it can even lead to a deep scratch or damage in the parquet. You can read about how best to repair them here.

Parquet floors can also be repaired at certain points

A deep scratch in the floor or a quirk by a fallen object are very annoying - and usually fall immediately into the eye. They can be repaired in most cases but quite easy.

Even with heavily damaged parquet, sanding and re-sealing usually help you to get along - but it takes a bit of skill and experience, especially for sanding, to get a really clean result. In case of doubt, you should better leave such extensive and large-scale repairs to specialized companies.

Step by step, scratches and quirks disappear

  • abrasive paper
  • fillers
  • ev. Parquet oil
  • small spatula
  • small, fireproof vessel
  • lighter
  • Clear paint pen

1. Exposing the damage

If it is just a single damage, carefully wipe the damaged area and its immediate area until the sealant layer is completely removed.

The area you are sanding should definitely have a regular shape so that the repair afterwards is even less visible. Only if the soil is often damaged will you have to sand down the entire floor.

2. Prepare the wax

Deep scratches and quirks are usually filled with liquid wax. First use a lighter to melt the wax in a refractory container.

By mixing the wax you can influence the color of the filling. Mix until you have reached the right shade exactly, so that the repair afterwards is no longer visible.

3. Fill in the scratch or quirk

Carefully pour the liquid, mixed wax into the damaged area until it is completely filled. You can also help with a small spatula on the edges - but do it carefully, because the semi-liquid wax will not spread properly anymore.

Then use the small spatula again at the end to provide a very smooth surface of replenishment.

4. Seal

When the filling wax has set, you can re-seal the floor. This is best done with a clear coat pen, if it is a small damage. Of course, if the entire floor has been repaired, you will need to apply a completely new, full-surface sealer.

For oiled floors, you can simply re-oil the repaired and sanded area.

Tips & Tricks

Sanding the entire floor can also remove bumps and discoloration, and is therefore often advisable in heavily damaged floors. Afterwards, the parquet floor often looks like new again.

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