Maintain lilies as a houseplant properly

Maintain lilies as a houseplant

Maintain lilies as a houseplant properly: houseplant

Perfectly shaped flowers in exotic colors and a fragrant scent - a suitable description for one lily.

The flower splendor of this popular ornamental flower knows to inspire and there are now numerous new breedsthat differ in flower shape and color.

Lily are very robust plants, For example, the roots have the ability to pull the onion deeper into the soil for better water retention.

In addition, they can partially protect themselves from their natural enemies, such as the vole and the lily chicken, because their spores can survive in soil for several years and make new plants again.

In the following article you will find important information about the specific care of the lily as a houseplant and more about the cultivation of the unique ornamental flowers.

Variety of forms of lilies

An example of these three typical forms is the so-called Turk's cap lilywhich resembles a turban: its leaves have rolled back so far that they meet again at the stalk.

A feature of this perennial, herbaceous plants are the dark spots on the flowers. These are hereditary in contrast to the pattern of flowering.

The pattern is different for each plant and so each lily is unique, Plant colorful lilies in the garden and enjoy the variety of colors. Even as a cut flower, the lily in the vase stays fresh and beautiful for a long time.

Ideal location and targeted protection for the lily

Maintain lilies as a houseplant properly: maintain

The delicate lilies should be protected from pests.

Lilies usually grow as Clumps in woody, damp, but well drained Regions and according to the motto "Feet cool, head in the sun": The perfect location would therefore be a sunny spot with moist, shady ground.

It would therefore be ideal Lilies with low, shady upholstery to combine.

pests, such as vole and lily chicken, could be combated by wrapping the flower bulbs in a tightly woven wire net, so they can not become the dessert of the pests.

On a cloth under the plant crawling insects can be shaken off. Dispose of the voracious pests in one Vessel with water and detergentThe detergent breaks down the surface tension, causing the flying animals to drown.

Last one should eventually existing eggs on the leaf underside carefully strip and destroy, for example, burn, or dispose of in the trash.

So nothing stands in the way of optimal and healthy plant growth.

Decoration with noble lilies

Lilies smell pleasant and are particularly suitable as cut flowers.

Maintain lilies as a houseplant properly: houseplant

Lilies smell pleasant and are particularly suitable as cut flowers.

No matter where: Lilies adapt to the environment and give her with her unusual flowers elegance and grace. Their bright colors make them an eye-catcher of the garden or room and at the same time provide a pleasant, soothing smell.

Lilies are very popular cut flowers, They are beautiful with their colors and by the way also durable due to their numerous flower buds.

In order to keep the lilies in the vase as long as possible, they should in this case do not stand in direct sunlight, In addition, should all lower leaves removed so that no leaf comes into contact with the water in the vase.

In addition, only a low water level chosen, so you can prevent incipient rot on the stalk. After two days, the water is changed and the vase rinsed well to remove possible pathogens.

tipSlanting the stalk may also promote general plant health by optimizing water intake.

Lilies as wedding flowers

Lilies are beautiful and timeless, They are therefore particularly popular as wedding flowers for bouquets and table decorations. The white lily is especially suitable for a wedding celebration. Read more about lilies as wedding flowers in a bridal bouquet.

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