Limescale against mold - how effective is that?

Again and again one hears the tip, at high mold load but simply to change lime color. How well lime actually helps against mold, why it is effective, and what should be considered when using lime and lime plaster, read in this article.

Mold pollution in households

The mold load - but also the mold danger - are increasing in modern households more and more. The reasons are several:

  • Airtightness of buildings (insulation)
  • less and less moisture-regulating building materials
  • high insulation effect may also create very massive thermal bridges
  • less natural ventilation and less ventilation
  • Increased use of mold-favoring building materials or construction techniques

Basic cause of mold is always moisture. This can come from condensation processes, but also due to the low natural ventilation more and more collect in living spaces. There, this moisture creates optimal climate for mold.

Effect of limescale against mold

Lime - especially as lime paint and lime plaster - offers double protection against mold.


Lime is able to bind a high amount of moisture. Thus, the comparatively large wall surfaces can "buffer" a high humidity well. The excess moisture is absorbed by the lime plaster and gradually released again gradually.

Alkaline surface

Fungi, such as mold, can not thrive on strongly alkaline substrates, such as lime paint or lime plaster. They die there. This makes lime one of the most effective preventative mold killers one can have.

When using Kalkueutzen and lime paint to consider

Of course, the effect has its limits. Completely soaked walls or massive condensation can still lead to mold growth. Of course you have to air regularly.

You also have to be careful to use pure lime paint and lime plaster. Chemical additives should not be included. In general, this is the case with natural producers, where everything is fully declared (this is not mandatory, but voluntary). Who wants to process his natural plaster itself, can also resort to Kalkstreichputz.

Tips & Tricks

Although lime cement plaster also contains lime, it is not effective against mold.

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