Lime Cement Mortar: the best of both worlds

Lime cement mortar - or mixed mortar - represents according to the DIN own mortar group - and compensates in a sense the disadvantages of the other two groups. This makes it a good alternative in many cases. On which occasions do you find out in this post, plus where you get it and what it usually costs.

Mixed mortar as a good alternative

Both lime mortar and cement mortar have their disadvantages - mixed mortar substantially compensates for these disadvantages.

  • more resistance than lime mortar due to cement surplus
  • easier processing than cement mortar due to the high lime content
  • in a higher compressive strength class (II a) can be used as a true universal mortar

In accordance with DIN regulations, lime cement mortar can thus be used practically for almost all loaded and unloaded walls indoors and outdoors. In some cases, the more pressure-resistant variant must be used.

Lime-mortar mortar is relatively cheap in price, you can usually assume a recommended price of about 5 EUR per 40 kg sack of dry mortar, only a few products, the prices are slightly higher.

Sources of supply on the Internet

  • A builders' merchant with a relatively large assortment on the Internet, who can deliver most commercial building materials from a single source.
  • Also in the Amazon hardware store are building materials in a large selection - of course, also offers for lime cement and hydrated lime mortar.
  • An online building material trade for most building materials, mostly solid selection and low prices.

That way you can save costs

Making mortar yourself, of course, can be worthwhile - but you need experience with it. It depends both on the right mixing, as well as on the right, standard-compliant "recipe" according to DIN.

Tips & Tricks

When buying, always pay attention to the delivery conditions and costs. Here, there can often be significant differences between traders and traders, which then change the overall prices very sustainably.

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