Use lime paint expertly: How to paint your walls correctly!

Lime paint is a completely different paint than emulsion paint, it is applied in its own way and comes up with a specific drying process. Also known for about 7000 years known paint is not suitable for every surface. Read on house journal what to consider when painting lime paint.

Paint lime paint and do not roll

First of all, lime paint is usually painted on the wall and not rolled. This is done with a special painter brush, which allows to work the paint thoroughly into the ground. When rolling unsightly approaches.

Our tips: How to achieve the lime coating!

First, check whether the intended substrate is actually suitable for a lime coating. For example, care should be taken with surfaces painted with other types of paint, and then old coatings usually need to be removed.

Always paint your lime paint on a absorbent surface that you have previously moistened with water. If you also keep the already painted paint with fine water spray longer moist, it does not bind too quickly.

The delayed setting ensures that the lime paint can react in detail with the CO2 of the air, so that the dried coating is as resistant to abrasion as possible. Because lime paint binds by chemical reaction, the evaporation of the solvent is only used for drying.

Other important factors when painting lime paints

When painting, pay attentioneffect
Apply paint in several thin layersless material tension, no delamination
Outdoor or room temperature between 7 and 18 degreesrapid carbonation
high humidityWater evaporates slower, lime paint binds better
not too much wetnesstoo much humidity / too much water can lead to high spots
never paint completelyproduce typical depth effect
Fettkalk in the second coat of paintabletime savings
Stir pigmented color regularlyuniform color

Overall, it can be stated that lime paint is not as easy to paint as modern emulsion paint. In case of doubt better consult a specialist who will assist you with words and deeds.

Tips & Tricks

Really practical: With its high pH, ​​lime paint effectively protects against mold growth. Use the paint on areas prone to fungus; However, existing mold, structural damage and water ingress must be removed beforehand.

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