Make lime paint yourself: Recipe from old times

Long before there were emulsion paints, people painted their houses inside and out with lime paint. This color grade is made of natural materials that were freely available hundreds of years ago and is ideal for vapor-permeable, fungicidal and smudge-resistant coatings. If you want, you can do the paint yourself, it's not that hard.

Mix lime paint yourself? These ingredients are needed!

To mix lime paint, not many ingredients are needed. The most important ingredient is the slaked lime, a whitish powder which is soluble in water. From slaked lime and water a strongly basic mixture with corrosive effect develops: your color.

At this point, you can already stop, but there is still a secret, which increases the smudge resistance of the self-made lime paint: A little salt and some quark or linseed oil are the icing on the cake of this paint. You can also change the color with pigments.

Our recipe: Making lime paint yourself

  • slaked lime
  • water
  • salt
  • Quark
  • lime-resistant pigments
  • big vessel
  • Mixing rod / Bohrquirl
  • Gloves, goggles

1. Mix the lime paint

Put the slaked lime powder in a bucket, add about 6 parts of water to 5 parts of lime. Stir the lime paint carefully.

2. Add ingredients

Now add cooking salt and up to 3% quark, mix everything well again. Both ingredients should be absolutely pure, with no iodine, fluorine, sugar or cream!

3. Stir in pigments

Only choose pigments that are stable in a basic environment such as titanium white, oxide yellow, oxide black or Terra de Siena. The colorant content may not exceed 5% for lime paint. Stir again vigorously!

4. Swipe sample

Now paint a test job on a piece of cardboard, wood or a hidden surface of the wall. When drying, the color changes, it bleaches a good deal: Do you like it?

5. Paint the wall

When you have hit the right shade, paint the entire wall with your homemade lime paint. Bear in mind that this type of color does not produce strong tones, but the pigment content is simply too low.

Tips & Tricks

Choose high quality slaked lime for your lime paint. Wood-burnt lime represents the highest quality level because it has a high chemical purity and contains no sulfur.

Product Image: liliya Vantsura / Shutterstock

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