Limescale filter for the faucet - is it there?

Again and again the question arises whether there are also limescale filters for the faucet. This would make it possible to descale the water directly for drinking or for coffee. Whether such filters are commercially available and what alternatives exist is explained here.

Water filter with different properties

To screw on the faucet, there are a variety of filters with equally different effects. Most widely used are filters with activated carbon elements. They filter all uncharged particles out of the water. In contrast, ions and minerals are retained in the water despite the filter.

Activated carbon elements, however, have no lime-reducing effect on the water. Lime dissolved in the water remains unaffected by activated carbon filtration.

Filter against lime

The only descaling filter available is a Biocat development. This filter stimulates the calcium and carbonate ions dissolved in the water to form crystals. But this does not reduce the water hardness.

The lime contained in the water is only relocated so that it can no longer precipitate and no more deposits. The amount of lime contained in the water remains the same, and the water also does not soften and also undergoes no taste improvement.

Such scale filters can only be used in the area of ​​the domestic water connection. They are not suitable for under-table mounting and not for mounting on the tap.


An ion exchange-based descaling unit is the only effective solution for reducing household water hardness. Although such systems can also be installed in individual areas, the high purchase price and the actual benefits of the devices - namely the prevention of deposits on the boiler and the washing machine - make this nonsensical.

A real solution for softer water is therefore only possible via softening in the area of ​​the entire domestic water system.

Tips & Tricks

Calcium rich water is not harmful to health. Drinking hard water has no negative health effects and does not lead to "calcification". This is a mere fairy tale.

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