Lime marble plaster for the bathroom - what advantages does that have?

Jointless bathrooms are clearly in fashion, natural building materials as well. Kalkmarmorputz can be a very good alternative for bathrooms, which should have a seamless look. What you should know about this tile alternative, read in this post.

Lime marble plaster

Most lime marble plasters are predominantly made of natural materials. These are lime plasters that have been refined with marble components. With a special coating these plasters are then completely dirt and water repellent.

The wall covering is open to diffusion - so the walls can absorb excess moisture, store it and release it slowly. Especially in wet areas are such moisture-balancing plasters quite a good way to positively influence the indoor climate.


The material allows different filling techniques and interesting structuring - in the bathroom, however, in most cases, you will probably prefer the smooth variant.


The cost of a wall plaster with Kalkmarmorputz may vary - this depends on the operating company, but also on the material used. You can do the plastering yourself only if you really have sufficient expertise and experience with the material.

The material prices are then around 30 EUR per m² upwards for the premium materials (including coatings, so that the plaster becomes water-repellent).

When executed by a craft business, the costs can exceed 100 EUR per m², including finish and coatings can be in some cases easily up to 120 EUR per m².

The necessary substrate sealant (fabric and base fillers as well as final fillings) often adds to the cost of execution by the craftsman. However, this sealing is absolutely necessary in wet and splash water areas.

Tips & Tricks

Kalkmarmorputzen are definitely high quality premium materials that are also expensive. Alternatives might be Tadelakt plaster in the bathroom, or the paneling with special panels, which also allow a seamless look in the bathroom. Especially large-sized tiles with narrow joint width are of course the most cost-effective alternative for a nearly similar look.

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