Lime paint as a paint for exterior: properties and substrates

Exterior paints have to endure a lot, from frost to heat to heavy rain. It would also be desirable to be highly open to diffusion and to protect against mold: lime paint brings with it everything! If you may have in mind that this ecologically valuable color variety is not resistant to abrasion, then you are right to a certain extent. But there are also very good adhesive products!

Extinguishing lime versus lime: Which color is better for the outside?

Simple slaked lime was often used in earlier times to whine cow and pork. The material was cheap and available everywhere, but anyone who has ever leaned against such a coated wall will find that the white rubs off.

Therefore, the lime lime color was invented whose physical structures are different from the simple lime scale. In addition, lime lime is purer, because during dumping, the foreign substances settle and are sorted out.

Modern limestone lime paints are ideal for exterior painting, but there are also some things to keep in mind when using them. Here is an overview:

Paint lime paint on the outside: important processing instructions

undergroundrecommended preliminary work
Holes, cracks and exfoliationremove loose spots, fill wells
sanding mineral materialPrimer with potash waterglass
Coating with plastic paintprime with special mineral primer
wet areadry first
strong absorbent substratePrime with diluted lime paint

If you want to paint your lime paint on the outside with a roller or a flat brush on the façade, stir the paint thoroughly. For tinting a lime color you need lime-fast pigments, which tolerate the high pH value of the color.

If you have dyed your lime paint with pigments, preferably use the brush for application. Be prepared for the fact that your painting is a bit cloudy rather than completely even, this is in the nature of this color.

When it rains, your outer wall will always turn a little darker after the lime coating, after drying, the actual color will return. This is a very natural feature of the lime color.

Tips & Tricks

Due to its high pH, ​​which is around 12, lime paint ensures excellent protection against mold. So if you want to prevent the unpleasant mushrooms, without using chemicals, is with this ecologically valuable paint right!

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