Kalkgipsputz resembles with its properties pure lime plaster

In general, the properties of pure lime plaster and Kalkgipsputz resemble. Gypsum is the much cheaper material. In addition to the price, the cleaning types differ in their sensitivity and processing ability. As a finishing coat, a more durable plaster should be applied, especially in wet rooms such as bathrooms and kitchens.

Plaster, lime and cement

Put simply, gypsum is a related extender that creates a less expensive and easier-to-use interior plaster than pure lime plaster. Unlike plaster without plaster, the ability to develop mold increases. Especially with questionable masonry as in an old building moisture of the masonry decomposes the plaster faster.

In rooms with more frequent exposure to moisture, such as bathrooms, kitchens and laundry drying rooms, at least the top coat should not contain gypsum. After laying the concealed plaster it is easily possible to apply lime plaster on gypsum plaster and lime plaster on gypsum plaster. As external plaster are:

  • Gypsum plaster unsuitable
  • Lime plasters partially suitable
  • Cement plaster suitable

Properties of the lime plaster

  • High moisture binding
  • Fast drying
  • Warm touch
  • Sensitivity to high humidity and splash water
  • Easy to process with adjustable setting time
  • Inexpensive interior plaster material

Specific material properties

Pure lime plaster is more difficult to process than with gypsum stretched plaster. When processing gypsum plaster, the balance between the properties and the simplification must be found. The higher the proportion of plaster in the plaster, the more sensitive it is to moisture and water.

A pure gypsum plaster in the bathroom dissolves sooner or later from the wall. This property is limited by the mixing ratio with lime. For a top coat, lime plaster with a lime content of more than eighty percent should be used.

Unlike lime, compact gypsum does not develop moisture regulation and can mold. The avoidance of mold and the positive effect on the indoor climate always takes over the contained lime. With a plaster in the bathroom or the kitchen, you can increase the water-repellent effect by a coat of paint, but at the same time reduce the air-conditioning effect.

Tips & Tricks

Since gypsum-based plaster penetrates differently in various masonry than pure lime plaster, you must also adjust the Aufbrennsperre or primer. Basically, you can expect a higher quality wall cladding, if no gypsum is included.

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