Lime plaster in the bathroom

Lime plaster in the bathroom ensures good moisture regulation, is a preventive measure against mold and does a lot of good for the preservation of the building substance, because the wall behind it can "breathe". However, in rooms that are already heavily exposed to moisture, it is important to thoroughly rehabilitate and sufficiently isolate them beforehand.

Lime is not a miracle weapon for moldy rooms!

Only if the constructional deficiencies that lead to a condensation of water vapor, the ventilation and the temperature fluctuations on the walls are balanced, actually a mold control can also be effective, or a prevention of mold and wall moisture can also be successful. Lime plaster - especially in the bathroom - is here but an important tool in the program.

As few tiles as possible, good ventilation and lime plaster on the walls

This program is the best way to prevent mold growth in rooms exposed to moisture, such as the bathroom, and to create the best indoor climate in the bathroom. When lime plaster care should be taken to ensure that it does not contain too many admixtures, which in turn can then represent a breeding ground for mold. In particular, three properties of lime can be considered very beneficial in the bathroom:

High pH: This makes lime plaster in the bathroom a very poor breeding ground for mold and inhibits it in its growth.
Good moisture-regulating properties: Lime plaster can absorb moisture from the room air and also release it at lower humidity in the room. This is particularly advantageous in the bathroom, where it usually comes only for a short time to high humidity peaks when bathing or showering.
high breathability: synthetic resin plaster close the wall behind airtight - lime plaster in the bathroom, however, is permeable to air, and thus also allows a "breathing" of the wall and the escape of any existing wall moisture.

Outside of the areas prone to splash water, lime plaster in the bathroom is therefore a good alternative.

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