Lime plaster without cement is difficult to obtain and recognize

Pure lime plaster without cement is almost unavailable in commerce. This is due to the more difficult processing ability and above all the enormous time required for setting. It is difficult to see if cement was mixed, as the industry mostly uses white cement. Mix it yourself and the safety data sheet provides clarity.

No standards and rules for components

Since the quality of the interior plaster is often read from the properties of a pure lime plaster, many products are on the market, which represent a lime cement plaster exactly. Almost all manufacturers mix up to ten percent cement in non-cement-free plasters. However, the proportion can reach up to fifty percent and ten times the amount of lime.

Problematic is the standardization interpretation of plasters, which takes place in strength classes and does not list the constituents. There is a safety data sheet for every plaster, which can not always be easily and prominently accessed. From it the composition is readable. When a finish plaster is applied, a gypsum plaster or a lime cement plaster is almost always used as a lime plaster.

Sources of supply and processing differences

If you would like to process a pure lime plaster without cement, ideally research is carried out by manufacturers of air lime mortar, who specialize in monument preservation and restoration. The alternative of precisely determining the interior plaster types yourself is the own mixing of lime plaster.

Some consequences from the purity must be considered, even if the mixing process itself does not make any unattainable claims:

  • The setting phases and drying times increase up to a multiple
  • Single-coat layers must be protected by maximum values ​​before "sintering"
  • In order to optimize the setting, draft and solar radiation must be kept away
  • Outside almost impossible, inside always

Important among the differences of interior plaster is the freedom of cement especially in soft and "working" surfaces such as wood. A lime plaster or lime cement plaster is harder than a pure lime plaster and tends to earlier and faster tearing.

Tips & Tricks

While you can not permanently realize a mineral plaster on the outside almost without the addition of cement, you can and should on the inside demand your wall plaster type through the written insurance of the seller or manufacturer for cementlessness.

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