Removing lime from glass shower doors - that's the way it works best

Real glass showers look luxurious and noble. In terms of lime and the necessary cleaning, however, they often mean a lot of hardships. The best way to remove lime marks from glass doors, and what to look for, read here.

Coated glass doors

Many real glass doors come from the factory with a coating that will allow water to bead off. For some manufacturers, such a coating can also be chosen as an additional option, thereby enhancing the glass.

A reliable and always effective limescale protection is not. Even coated doors must be carefully peeled off after each shower and polished, so that no unsightly limescale stains arise.

Cleaning coated glass doors

Coated doors should also be cleaned regularly, preferably with an anti-limescale cleaner, or with a home remedy such as vinegar essence (diluted). Only regular cleaning ensures that even after long use no "frozen" traces of lime are visible.

Detergent with anti-limescale effect

In addition to the well-known home remedies such as vinegar, vinegar essence and citric acid, there are also other ways to remove even stubborn traces of lime from glass doors or other glass:

  • Flash descaler for glass (from the drugstore)
  • Lactic acid (apply, leave overnight)
  • oak extract

Regular cleaning

Especially important is the regular cleaning. If lime marks are not always removed immediately, the removal becomes very complicated and tedious. Also the careful removal after showering should not be omitted.

Tips & Tricks

Even with aquariums, limescale deposits and limescale can occasionally be a problem. Oak extract from the pharmacy also helps very well here. The limescale must always be brushed with it, the lime dissolves then residue. For thicker layers, the brushing must be repeated over and over until all the lime has dissolved. Oak extract is safe for both fish and aquatic plants, completely ecologically and excellently effective.

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