Kalkumwandler - do they keep what they promise?

Instead of a maintenance-intensive and complex to install water softening system, there are often so-called Kalkumwandler in the offer on the market. What these devices can do and whether they actually deliver what they promise is explained in the following article.

wonder technology

All calcium converters can be easily mounted. They are usually clamped only on the faucet or the water pipe, and unfold there their alleged effect.

The mode of action itself goes back to a dissertation in which it was theoretically proven that strong alternating magnetic fields cause the lime dissolved in the water to assume a different crystalline structure.

With appropriate arrangement of the magnets, it was possible to crystallize the dissolved lime in the form of needle-shaped structures that look similar to gypsum crystals. By crystallizing, the lime can not precipitate even when the water is heated.

In practice, however, this experiment was never thoroughly tested.

The miracle devices do not work with strong alternating magnetic fields, nor under controlled conditions. It is only a stronger, very cheap magnet placed on the line.

Some devices also work with alleged electric fields, some devices do not generate any field at all. They work by mere presence.

No proven effect

In numerous tests, not a single device could prove its effectiveness. There was never a demonstrable and measurable reduction in water hardness, which all manufacturers promise.

The amount of deposits did not decrease measurably. Only Stiftung Warentest found slightly visible diminished deposits in the interior of boilers in about one fifth of the devices.

Not a single device on the market has a valid DVGW certificate. However, such a certificate is mandatory for all devices that are installed or installed in the drinking water installation. Such a test seal would also ensure an actual function of the device.

So far, no manufacturer has agreed to a scientific review of its devices. Some of the devices on offer are simply completely inoperative and can not even generate electricity or electrical or magnetic fields.

Tips & Tricks

Wonder drugs usually bring only the wonderful increase in the seller's money. Too high water hardness one should rather encounter with actually effective devices with DVGW test seal.

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