Lime converter - what is it and what does it do?

Lime converters are offered by many retailers on the Internet. Many of these devices are very expensive, and the effect is very controversial. What this is all about, how these devices are supposed to work, and what proof this is, reveals this article.

Magnetic effect on lime in the water

Lime converters are based on the theory that strong alternating magnetic fields can cause lime contained in water to form needle-shaped crystals that can not precipitate. The formation of the crystals reduces the carbonate hardness of the water.

The theory was presented in a single, technical dissertation, and its mode of operation has never been scientifically tested. In some experimental arrangements, a result appears under certain conditions.

Operation of the devices

Contrary to the theory presented in the dissertation, the devices offered do not work with strong alternating magnetic fields, but mostly with a static magnet, in some cases also with electric fields.

They are simply attached to the outside of water pipes, faucets and other areas of the water installation and are intended to act as a result.

Some of the devices offered do not generate any field at all but contain mere cable dummies. Accordingly, the technical mode of operation does not even meet the requirements of physical theory.

Review of the effect

Stiftung Warentest and several other testers have conducted extensive tests on the operation and function of the devices. A measurable reduction in water hardness was not found in any device.

In about 20 percent of the devices occurred to a very small extent less deposits on boilers. However, a direct measurement of the reduction in the amount of waste could not be conclusively carried out.

Without seal of approval inadmissible

Appliances that are installed in the drinking water installation must have a DVGW seal of approval and a certificate in Germany.

So far, none of the devices on the market has such a seal of approval, even though such a test certificate is required before installation. It also confirms, among other things, the scientifically proven effect of the device.

Tips & Tricks

Conventional water-softening systems based on ion exchangers are sometimes much cheaper - and they also have a proven effect.

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