Linde: Portrait of the linden tree

Linden trees are beautiful and versatile trees. As a bee pasture, they are very popular with beekeepers. Traditionally, linden flower tea is used for colds. Once even the bast from the bark of the linden trees was used, among other things as binding material and for mats, ropes or other utensils.


Worth knowing about the lime tree

  • Distribution and age
  • Linden tree: history
  • The linden tree as a garden tree
  • Linden and Vienna

Distribution and age

Linden can get very old. In an arboretum in the English Westonbirt stands a lime tree, which is said to be around 2,000 years old. The "Giant Linden to Heede" in the Emsland is considered the thickest tree in Germany and is probably about 600 years old.It was probably planted in the 15th century and grew in the courtyard of an old castle, which was destroyed around 1670. The probably already impressive Linde was while at the command of the army commander saved from destruction.

Linden tree: history

Bright linden flowers


Linden play a big role in German myths and fairy tales. For the Teutons Linden were sacred trees, which were dedicated to the goddess of love Freya. Linden later had a special meaning for humans. They were considered a symbol of home and protection, at Tanzlinden, the village community met to celebrate and right under large old linden was spoken. The garden linden was also very popular.

Many streets were named after Linden, the most well-known being "Unter den Linden" in Berlin.In place names like Lindau and Lindeck one recognizes the origin.The name Leipzig also goes back to Linden: It has its origin in the Sorbian word Lipsk means as much as "Linden-Ort" or "Ort bei den Linden" and can also be found in the Czech name Lipsko for the city of Leipzig.

The linden tree as a garden tree

The linden tree is also suitable as a garden tree. Drawn in the form of a roof, it is a good shade on hot summer days. However, it is important to prune the linden tree to the shape tree. Form trees need less space than those that are not cut. The size is limited by the scissors.

Thus, linden trees with box-shaped crown or cut like a trellis can also grow in a front yard. They protect the house in the warm season from too much sun and let in plenty of light in winter. An annual cut is necessary to keep them in good shape. For example, the professionals from the garden and landscaping can perform.

Linden and Vienna

The name of the world-famous Lipizzans from the Spanish Riding School in Vienna is related to Linden: This noble horse breed was initially bred only in the Slovenian Stud Lipica (Italian Lipizza) on the Slovenian-Italian border near Trieste. The name Lipica goes back to Lipa - the Slovenian word for Linde.

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