Sewing sheets yourself - It's easy

You do not like the linen that is available in stores or you just feel like sewing your own bed linen? That's not so difficult and you can choose from hundreds of fabrics with different patterns. You will definitely find something to your taste. Below we explain step by step how to sew your own sheets.

The right material

For bedding is best suited for a fabric that is largely made of cotton and is at least 60 degrees washable. Not only does cotton feel comfortable, it's also highly absorbent, so cotton sheets absorb sweat and other liquids that we exhale at night.

Step-by-step instructions on how to sew linen

  • material
  • Yarn in similar color
  • Maybe buttons or zipper
  • fabric scissors
  • needle
  • sewing machine
  • Needles to stake out

1. Cut fabric

Cut the fabric according to the dimensions of your blanket or pillows. Expect at least 3 to 4cm on all sides to have enough room for seams. It is best to wash and iron the fabric before starting to sew. Alternatively, you can of course also wash the finished bedding.

2. Sew edges

Lay the printed pages or the pages that will be visible later on and sew the two long sides together with the sewing machine. Also at the upper, narrow edge sew the fabric together.

3rd opening

For the opening, through which you will later push the duvet or pillow inside your duvet cover, there are several variants:

a) Leave open

This is the simplest version: Sew the edge where the opening should remain from the sides together until in the middle are still about 50cm opening. The edges of this opening simply fold over, pinch them off with pins and sew them up. The ceiling is now much wider than the opening and so can not fall out.

b) buttons

Flip the edges and sew them. Then sew buttons at regular intervals. On the opposite side you have to cut an opening for each button. Make sure that the opening is not too big, so that the button does not slip out. You can also sew the openings to prevent tearing.

Alternatively, you can also use push buttons.

c) zipper

If you are an experienced seamstress, a seasoned seamstress, you will not be in any doubt about using a zipper: sew a long zipper over the full width of the cover at the opening.

4. Wash before use

Now turn your bed linen to the right side and enjoy the result! Before you put on your bedding, you should wash it - unless you have done so before sewing - to kill harmful substances and germs


Tips & Tricks

Buy printed fabrics in different colors. So you can sew your pillows in a different color or sew a nice cover for your bed linen.

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