Linoleum by the meter is especially advantageous for large areas

The slow re-emergence of real linoleum as flooring has arrived at many carpet and even wallpaper retailers. While linens in sheet form are rarely available in DIY stores and furnishing stores, there are hardly any items sold by the meter there.

Labor savings and roll width

The two dosage forms for linoleum are rolled up by the meter and precut slabs usually in rectangular or square form. Since all joints must be sealed after laying linoleum with the manual welder, yard goods can save a lot of work and thus costs in large areas.

By the meter there are in all decors, which are also available as plates. The textures can be plain, marbled or striped. The widths of the tracks range from 1.50 to 4 meters. On the square meter, the prices are the same as those of linoleum slabs.

Professional storage is required

The elasticity and softness of the linoleum require professional storage of the rollers to avoid deformations that can not be repaired in extreme cases. While in the case of carpet dealers, the rolls are normally suspended, by the meter they must always be stored vertically on rolls. It is important to pay attention to a vertical position as possible.

Lying on a bed of linoleum is deformed by its own weight and can cause undulations and bumps, which are no longer completely compensable even after installation. Damage caused by moisture can make the linoleum unusable.

Rest the linoleum and let it adjust

Meterware must be acclimated even more than linoleum in sheet form before processing. After unrolling and rough pre-cutting of the web lengths, they should be laid out flat for at least 24 hours, better 48 hours at at least 18 degrees Celsius room temperature.

Tips & Tricks

The laying of linoleum by the meter is a demanding manual task. The slightest mistakes and inattentiveness can lead to late damage such as blistering or mold under the pavement. Laymen should lay linoleum themselves only with great expertise.

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