Stick linoleum - so do it yourself

Linoleum is a flooring with many good properties, much more than PVC. Only the installation can be a bit tricky in some cases and require some manual skill. The best way to do this is to read here.

Linoleum must be laid very clean

Unlike PVC, linoleum should not be loosely laid, even in small spaces. Full-surface bonding applies to linoleum as standard installation method. This also makes sense, because linoleum as a natural material, which is very sensitive to moisture, must be laid completely "tight". Welding the seams alone is not enough here.

Ingressing moisture - even if it is only a little - can cause linoleum to swell, and since the moisture can not escape through the material, it can even rot the entire floor covering. So here really clean work is in demand - maybe then at the end of the experts.

Step by step: glue linoleum

  • linoleum
  • Glue
  • Spatula for the glue application
  • box cutter
  • Measuring tape, marking angle
  • Manual welding device
  • iron roll

1. Check and prepare the substrate

Linoleum is an elastic floor covering that is very closely connected to the ground. For this reason, you need to check whether you actually have a completely flat, crack-free and solid surface.

When laying on tiles, you must first work with a leveling compound to produce a clean surface. You may also need to place an insulating layer against rising damp under the flooring to provide dryness.

Before laying, also store the flooring for at least 24 hours in the room in which it is to be laid.

2. Cut webs

Linoleum is usually laid longitudinally. Cut the webs accordingly, also consider nooks and crannies when cutting.

3. Bonding

Depending on which adhesive you use, you must observe different procedures and ventilation times. Then bring the web into the adhesive bed and rub it off without bubbles.

4. Weld and roll seams

At the end, the seams have to be welded moisture-proof with a manual welder. As a rule, the finished floor should then be rolled again with an iron roller.

Tips & Tricks

Consider the often high drying times: with some adhesives, it can take up to six weeks until the installed linoleum floor is really completely dried out and thus fully loadable.

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