Painting linoleum - does that help?

Linoleum floors have an enormous durability, which can last up to 40 years. Especially with older houses, the decades-old floor then often no longer corresponds to the style or taste. Often the question then arises whether linoleum can not simply be painted in a more pleasing color. If this works, you will learn in this post.

Linoleum and its properties

Linoleum is a very durable, durable flooring that is naturally hygienic and can withstand most damage well. Because of its long life it is often not always up to date in terms of design.

There are therefore always requests and attempts to simply paint over an old linoleum floor. Because of the mechanical properties of linoleum, this is rarely crowned with success.

For the following reasons:

  • Linoleum is an elastic floor covering - lacquer coats would get cracks and peel off after a short time
  • Linoleum is naturally antistatic - the adhesion of paints is therefore very bad
  • Linoleum is a natural substance, on the paint layers would be very bad from the outset

Painting linoleum floors is probably not a good way to cope with the unpopular design.

Is there an alternative?

Generally speaking: no. Anyway, none without removing the linoleum surface. Given the cost of linoleum - up to 60 euros per square meter - and given the durability of linoleum, this is often not really desirable. No one likes throwing away a well-preserved, expensive floor that can last for decades.

One possibility may be to better match the room design, in particular the wall design and the room textiles, to the floor color, and to make the floor "invisible" to a certain extent. To what extent this is crowned by success, depends on the respective conditions. With a little resourcefulness you can do it though.

Tips & Tricks

Older linoleum floors, in particular, only have a somewhat boring "hospital color". Carpets can often do a lot to loosen up, even if they do not cover the whole floor. Real "uncoloured" does not exist with old linoleum actually, therefore the problems are often not so serious, if one is a little bit creative.

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