Linoleum: what costs for purchase and installation?

Linoleum is known to be particularly low in pollution and has been back in fashion since the end of the 20th century. The cost of flooring is higher than the price of PVC, but the difference in quality leaves many people resorting to linoleum anyway.

The costs of linoleum at a glance

For Linoleum, the customer either pays a price per square meter or, for cassettes, a piece price. The cost per square meter is approximately between 15 and 40 EUR.

The cost of laying linoleum is relatively low, depending on whether the flooring is glued or loosely laid. For rental apartments, the loose installation is suitable to remove the linoleum quickly and easily.

Loose laying costs less labor, but you have to buy extra heavy and soft flooring, which in turn costs more.

Buying and laying linoleum: a cost example

A tenant buys a sound-deadened linoleum floor for his 35 square meter living room. The price per square meter for the heavy material is 40 EUR, some waste is generated.

The craftsman calculates a wage of 8 EUR per square meter for laying the linoleum. In addition, additional work such as cleaning, filling and sanding of the floor and costs for various materials.

Cost overviewprice
Linoleum shopping1,500 EUR
Lay linoleum280 EUR
additional work250 EUR
material costs50 EUR
total2,080 EUR

Save costs when buying linoleum

Especially if you want very high-quality material, it is worth the search for cheap residual items. Sometimes there are good goods from 10 EUR per square meter, the amount is of course very limited.

Tips & Tricks

If you want to keep the costs of laying linoleum low, you can have a matching piece with the dimensions exactly cut, then eliminates the labor-intensive welding.

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