Raise a lintel

Especially in old buildings and former farm buildings with a conversion, it happens that the doorways no longer fit. Many doors in such buildings were formerly very small. With that you have to set the lintel higher. What should be noted when lintel increase, you can then read.

Do not necessarily set the lintel higher!

The following information is primarily intended to help you better accompany a contracted specialist company. Increasing the hunters requires expertise and experience. In addition, there must be a distinction between load-bearing and non-load-bearing walls. Explicitly with load-bearing walls, raising the height of the lintel means changing the statics. Here, without the necessary expertise to lend a hand, can cause massive structural damage - even mortal danger can not be ruled out.

Possibly necessary building law preparations

Depending on the individual circumstances, various steps may be necessary:

  • static calculations by a structural engineer or architect
  • Execution of corresponding construction plans
  • Applying for a building permit

In addition, it may be constructional that temporary steel supports between the ceiling and floor, and later also to be mounted on the masonry itself. When installing the new brackets, a lower padding made of concrete can also be added to the support.

Increasing a lintel

After all measures (supports) are made, the old overlap is gently exposed and removed. For this purpose, the row of bricks above the guard must be removed stone by stone. In addition, it must be exposed so far that the measure for the higher placed rafter and a row of stones above it is achieved.

For load-bearing walls, the support of the wall takes place at the latest now in addition to the already existing support between floor and ceiling. With two supervisors, the first is taken out and the support is made, then expanded only the second fall.

Adjust support, concrete bed, overlay

Now the supports can be bricked up and adjusted laterally. Then wait until the mortar has set. Now, the mortar or concrete bed is prepared for the higher set over and built this. Finally, the overlying stone row is walled up again.

Tips & Tricks

It may be that you have to plaster the door revealing now. You will find more information on this under "plastering the door reveal". Here it is primarily distinguished whether you want to plaster with or without door frame.

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