Install a lintel

Especially with old and existing buildings, it can quickly happen that a door no longer fits. In most cases, a larger door has to be installed, since doors have generally become significantly larger in recent decades. This is associated with the replacement of the lintel. How to install a lintel, please refer to the following instructions.

Especially old doors are often too small

Anyone who owns an old building or an older house will be confronted over the course of time with a variety of jobs. Often, especially in outbuildings, wet rooms, but very old houses are also generally relatively low doors installed. Then you do not just have to replace the door, you also have to install a new lintel.

used material

With the lintel you can use different materials:

  • Concrete cleat
  • brick masonry
  • Ziegelüberleger from a "casting"

You can also lay the overlayers twice, depending on the wall thickness, ie two overlays next to each other. In any case, we would be at another important point anyway: you must also distinguish between load-bearing and non-load-bearing walls. In principle, it is of course possible to install a door in a load-bearing wall. However, depending on your personal level of knowledge, you may need to consult an experienced structural engineer or architect.

Instructions for installing a lintel

  • Cover in the appropriate length
  • mortar
  • matching bricks
  • mortar bucket
  • Drilling machine with stirrer
  • trowel
  • trowel
  • Chalk line
  • spirit level
  • hammer
  • chisel

1. The preparatory work

First, the old door must be taken out. To do this, hang the front door. Then the old door frame is torn out. Now the old door frame is slowly uncovered and the overlying tiles are knocked out stone by stone.

Then the old fall can be loosened and taken out. Now you have to take the new door measurements and open 5 cm above the wall 30 to 50 cm laterally for the new coaters. Now draw exactly the later edition height of the lintel and stretch your guide accordingly.

2. Mix the mortar and prepare the lintel

Since the old lintel has been removed, you must now first wall up so far that you reach the support height marked with the guide line for the new lintel. If the mortar has set something, you can now prepare the mortar bed for the or the supervisor. The mortar bed may be up to 5 cm high.

3. Install lintel and wall

Now the new lintel is placed on the mortar bed. Then you can start to make the bricks on the overlay. Now the bumps are closed laterally with mortar. In the next step, the side reveal is smoothed so you can mount the door accordingly.

Tips & Tricks

When installing the door at a later time, observe the RAL window and door installation if it is a front door and the joint must be airtight. In the house journal you will also find many other instructions for installing other doors, such as glass doors.

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