Remove lipstick stains

The girlfriend once come too close and already prick red lipstick spots on the collar. Women often soiled their clothes themselves by pulling their top over their heads and brushing their painted lips. Lipstick stains do not go out in normal laundry. But with these home remedies you can remove them!

These home remedies have proven themselves against lipstick stains

  • Gallseife
  • Alcohol or alcohol
  • glycerin
  • Benzine or turpentine
  • Salmiakgeist

Instructions for removing stubborn lipstick stains

This method is suitable for both lipstick stains on textiles and stains on the sofa, the car seat or the carpet. Even stains on the wall can be gently blotted with one of the means mentioned.
CAUTION: When cleaning colored textiles, caution should be exercised when using benzine, turpentine, alcohol, ammonia or alcohol. The agents are corrosive and may color-dissolve - and not only for the lipstick. Therefore, before proceeding to an invisible location, test your stained fabrics or upholstery or carpets for color fastness: apply some of the agent to one spot, wash it out after ten minutes of exposure, and check to see if the paint has lasted.

1. Dab with detergent

Drop some alcohol, alcohol, ammonia or benzene on a cotton ball or cloth and dab the stain until it is gone.

2. Washing

Then wash your textiles as usual in the washing machine or by hand.

For stains on upholstery or the carpet, you should after the stain removal some water with mild detergent on the site, work with a brush and absorb with a cloth. In a second step, put clear water on the spot and soak up with the cloth.

What to do with sensitive textiles?

Sensitive fabrics such as silk should not be treated with aggressive cleaning agents as they will damage the fibers. Here you can try it with glycerine: rub the stain carefully with it, let it act for a short time and then put your garment in the laundry.
If in doubt, you should rather get your good piece in the cleaning.

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