Little effort required to clean a hot water bottle

The big advantage of a hot water bottle is that the water content serves as a pure function carrier. Nonetheless, suspended matter and limescale in the water can lead to deposits. In most cases, simple mechanical aids are perfectly adequate and gentle enough to clean the inside of the bottle.

Bottle material must not be attacked

The most important argument in all cleaning measures on a hot water bottle is the integrity of the material. Rubber and rubber-like plastics can become brittle if too aggressive auxiliaries are used. Metallic hot water bottles made of sheet iron are corrosion resistant.

Normally, the pollution inside a hot water bottle consists of limescale deposits. Hard tap water has a high lime content. Lime-dissolving agents such as vinegar, citric acid and cleaning lye are too aggressive for the walls of the hot water bottle. The Kalkanhaftungen are usually mechanically removed without problems.

How to remove limescale in your hot water bottle

  • Rice or bird sand
  • Water (possibly bottled water)
  • Kaffeemaschinenentkalkertablette

1. Fill

Put one teaspoon of raw rice or bird's sand in the empty and dry bottle. Fill the bottle about one-third with water.

2. Shake

Shake the bottle in all directions. Imagine the grains in the cleaning water, which should "pass" on all inner surfaces of the hot water bottle.

3. Rinse and repeat

Rinse your hot water bottle completely and repeat the process up to five times.

4. Coffee Machine Descaler

For very stubborn deposits, you can look under decalcifying tablets for coffee machines. Gentle and gentle variants can be dissolved in cleaning water for up to one hour and left to work.

When cleaning and caring for the outer skin of rubber heat bottles, rubber care products from the automotive trade or talcum can serve well. They help maintain the elasticity and flexibility of the material. Generally, a hot water bottle should be opened and dried after use. Hanging up, for example on a clothesline, is ideal.

Tips & Tricks

When purchasing a hot water bottle, make sure that a sleeve is removable. Almost all plush and textile covers are fixed or removable. When peeled off, the casings can be washed specifically for the material. The washing temperatures of textiles must not be too high, so that the coating does not enter.

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