Residential winter garden - two rooms in one

A residential winter garden is basically not just a room, but at least two. Here you can relax and open the doors to the garden. At the same time, the conservatory offers an additional living room where even tomatoes grow.

Planning for the residential winter garden

Unlike a cold conservatory, the residential conservatory needs a little more planning and effort. The decision for a heated conservatory continues with the planning permission with more bureaucracy.

In a residential winter garden, the building authorities demand considerable insulation measures. The energy saving regulation must be respected here as well. Even the fire protection must be considered when a residential conservatory is to be built.

Decisions that need to be made in the planning phase

  • Heating - Connection to the existing heating system or new island solution
  • Ventilation of the room - if possible even in the absence
  • Shading from above and from the sides
  • automatic electrical control system necessary

Expand or rebuild the heater

It is not always possible or advisable to connect the new living space to the old heating system. If you do not want to install a conventional electric heater, you can, for example, install the newer heating glass in your windows.

heating glass

Similar to the heated rear window, the heating glass works with electricity. However, here the heating wire is usually deposited as a complete metal layer and lets the heat radiate only in the room. Unfortunately, not every glazier is capable of running such innovative installations.

Automatic control for ventilation

Due to its large glass surfaces, the conservatory is more exposed to the weather. Therefore, it gets slightly warm and stuffy here. Ventilation must take this into account and should work as automatically as possible.

Allow sufficient shading

It is the same with shading, it should also protect the room from excessive sunlight while the residents are still on the move. If this shading is scheduled in advance and provided with an electrical control, the builder saves additional costs.

At the same time a stable shading from the outside in the cold months save heating costs, as it represents an additional insulation through the air cushion between the shading system and the glass surface.

Important accessories in the residential winter garden

Once again, the important details that make up a residential winter garden in addition to the normal equipment.

  • heater
  • insulation
  • double window
  • ventilation
  • shading
  • Floor plate isolated

Tips & Tricks

Since the planning of the living-winter garden is much more extensive than that of an unheated glasshouse, you should make a checklist, which is important to you. Everybody has different demands on the space. While one client prefers a sunny living room with a carpet and a sofa, another one may also want to pull some tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers in the living room next to his seat.

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